how to get over bad break-ups

a former blockmate of mine posed this in the uplawb2008 egroup: Hi guys and girls. I’m writing this article about getting over a bad breakup. Patulong please by sharing your own experiences or your friends’ experiences with regard to bad breakups and getting over them. Brief statements will do.

i replied with: 

phase 1: made sure we parted in good terms (no matter how bad the reason for the break up so he won’t remember me in a bad light).  gave goodbye tokens to his family & closest friends who befriended me.  (para they’ll always tell him, how could you have let go of her?!) –> idea is for us to achieve closure para sure na di ko na sya gugustuhing balikan ever, yet for him to remember na he let go of a good woman (and for his friends & family to remind him of it. hahaha!)

phase 2: deleted my ex’s contact info, his friendster, email & text messages.  (pero friendster friends pa rin kami para nakikita nya ang mga updates about me, lalo na pag may magandang nangyayari sa life ko which he isn’t a part of anymore – the best revenge is a good life). transferred then deleted all pictures w/ him from my phone & PC to a CD (which i have conveniently misplaced).  removed gifts he gave me from plain view.    (this phase also represents the decision to have him out of my life – no ifs, no buts.  i will not linger.  i will move on.)
phase 3: gave myself time to grieve then stopped grieving cold turkey.  bonded with friends more. (though i was the one who called the shots to move on, i needed help from friends too!) made sure i met new, more exciting, genuinely nice & decent guys.  stayed closer to God – nothing beats wholistic healing, and He replaced my trashy relationship with a wonderful one (with another guy of course).  tapos, i never got in touch with my ex again whatever the circumstance. 


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