the rhythm of being and doing

Yesterday, I texted a couple of some close friends and relatives, “Guess what, I got interviewed for an article in the Philippine Star for Youthspeak, an article in a special section for the elections.  Check out A-26 of today’s paper.  🙂 “

One of those who texted back was a person that I consider as one of my first mentors / discoverers, my third year high school adviser, Ms Rodriguez.   (I really appreciate her in light of this particular experience when I was in 3rd yr highschool.  I was president of my class – III-Molave and I cried and felt bad because for three quarters, we did not receive any “Model Homeroom” award (such honor was given to the section in the batch with the cleanest classroom).  I went to her office and told her that I wanted to resign because my classmates were not cleaning our classroom as I instructed them to.  But she encouraged me to stay on and that she believed in me.  Eventually, naka-isa kaming “Model Homeroom” award, and in fairness, our section bonded naman in the end.  That was my first conscious crack at leadership).  Anyway, she said, “I’m really happy for and proud of you Lorybeth for such an accomplishment.  Let’s praise God for that and never forget to give Him back all the glory and honor! :)”

After reading her text, I checked my vanity and narcissism meter.  True enough, it was high (so high that prior to her text, I was surfing for my name on the net).  I lay down, praying and reflecting on what she said, and since I haven’t had my quiet time for the day yet, it was then that I decided to open my bible & devotional and reflect on God’s word.  Tinamaan din ako.  Here are excerpts.

The spiritual is greater than the natural.  God can endow a humble human being with awesome moral force.  Holiness has within itself the power to master all powers.  

The Greek word for power or authority (exousia) contains the preposition ex, which means “out of” or “from.”  This suggests that the ability to influence others flows from inside.  It is rooted in what we are.  “Do you wish to be great?” Augustine asked.  “Then begin by being.”  Greatness comes from holiness and nothing more.  

I have a friend who makes his way through the halls of power in Washington , DC, meeting with the most prominent women and men in the world.  He speaks a word or two, prays and then walks on, but he leaves behind the lingering and compelling influence of Christ.  He has the aura of greatness that surrounds all whose lives reflect the character of Jesus.  It is the greatness of godliness.”

The entry ended with a quote, “I want my heart His throne to be, So that a watching world may see His likeness shining forth in me; I want to be like Jesus.”

To that I responded with a prayer, which I wrote down on the devotional itself (buti na lang it’s a My Daily Bread Journal), “Lord, You know my heart’s desires.  Yet You also know where I currently am in my development as an individual.  I have loopholes in my being, Lord.  They are my thorns in the flesh and I ask You, Lord to please turn such wrongs into right someday.  Oh, I’m so flawed.  Please help me, Lord.  You’re my only hope…Yes, I wish to be great, Lord…to be great for You.  I wish to be used by You, to follow You.”

I was reminded, as well, with a message I heard before in  Navs fellowship way back in 2001 (in the Navs fellowship for graduating students).  The topic was about the rhythm of being and doing, a balance which produces personal integrity.  The salient point of the message was that: what one does stems from who he is.  Therefore, it is important to work on one’s character, so as to be equipped for the tasks that one desires to do.  Furthermore, if what one does deviates from who he is (his character, values and principles), his personal integity is put at stake.  

With all that in mind, may I always stay close to God – for my sense of being is rooted in Him.  As rebellious as I sometimes tend to be, may He always draw me close to Him and never let me go.  And everytime that I face milestones – whether big or small – in the journey towards the purpose He has for me, may I alwaysgo back to Him, thanking Him & praising Him for the opportunity to use me and for the abilities He equips me with – for each situation.  Indeed, glory and honor go to Him alone!  🙂


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