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Hello Fellow UP Law Students!

Happy Independence Day (in advance)!

Hope we all get to maximize the use of this new oneuplaw yahoogroup. This aims to eliminate multiple emails to our different up law egroups, containing the same announcement / message. Objective is to minimize flooding of our email inboxes. πŸ™‚ (syempre, our pretty LSG secretary, Nancy Quimpo, will be moderating the yahoogroup to ensure that there will be no spam messages)

I hope everyone had a nice, fulfilling, lazy / productive (whatever your preference may be) summer. πŸ™‚

Last week, the UP law community welcomed its newest members, UP Law Batch 2011, via the Freshman Orientation Program. Now aptly dubbed as ADAPT (assistance, development and preparatory training) for Freshmen, it was successfully spearheaded by our LSG Secretary / EB-in-charge, Nancy Quimpo, JJ Ocana (Talks & Events head), Chris Capul (for Publications), and Rency Corrige (for Logistics). Kudos to you and to all ADAPT volunteers (ADAPT-ers) for a job well done!

We also experienced perhaps the most efficient enrollment process in UP Law thus far! Such wouldn’t have been possible if not for the efforts of the OCS staff (headed by Tita Linda Albaniel), and our Registration Committee, composed of the following:
1. Edel Cruz (Reg Com Head & Assessment Expert!)
2. Val Francisco
3. Maia Rieza
4. Anton Arcilla
5. Ice Baguilat
6. Aaron Ho
7. Joey Capones
8. Krizia Talon
9. Jobert Navallo
10. Mayella Bautista
11. Leana Caramoan
12. Abet Villordon (taga-kolekta ng LSG fees & locker payments)

Now that summer, ADAPT and the official enrollment period are over (though, may late reg pa rin till June 15), it’s but apt to give everyone a warm

WELCOME BACK TO UP LAW! πŸ™‚ (sa mga nagtatanong, bukas na po – june 12 – ang first day of class, ayon sa ating University Calendar)

Let us all make the most out of the challenges and opportunities that will present themselves to us this schoolyear. Let’s study hard (not just to improve our grades, but prepare for the bar early na rin even while we’re in law school) and party hard din! πŸ™‚ We, in the LSG EB, have several (lots actually) of projects lined up in the schoolyear ahead (please see attached powerpoint file). We hope you’d get to participate in (we will be needing volunteers for sure!) & enjoy those projects. We hope that they would somehow complement your personal objectives for the schoolyear ahead.

Yun lang muna for now…all the best in the schoolyear ahead! God bless and to Him go all the glory!


P.S. This just in…have a brief announcement pala from our dashing LSG Treasurer, Abet Villordon:

Urgent: Locker renewal / rental is P100 for the whole year, on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. Deadline for cleaning out of unrenewed lockers is Saturday, 12nn (June 16). Uncleared lockers will be forcibly opened & cleared by June 16, 5pm. Also, LSG fee collection for registration from tom (Tues, June 12) to the 15th (Friday), from 9-12 at the 1st floor lib. For any questions, clarifications or appointments, please contact Abet at 09178581990.

Lorybeth R. Baldrias, CPA
President, UP Law Student Government (AY 2007-2008)
UP Law Class 2009

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