an autobiographical essay that i was required to submit for an online job application

I was born on April 16, 1979 to Loinda Rugay and Napoleon Baldrias. I was an only child for eight years. I only have one sibling, Noelle Ann Faith, who is now a college student. My mother is a professor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of the Philippines (UP), our country’s premier state university. My father was Chief Legal Counsel of the Office of the Ombudsman and a professor of law in UP. Sadly, my father passed away when I was nineteen due to a heart attack. Such tragedy, however, made me more independent and resilient.

I was three when I started going to school. Most of my academic life was spent in UP, wherein I studied from kindergarten till second grade and obtained my secondary education and college degree. In college, I majored in BS Business Administration & Accountancy. I passed the accounting boards, thereafter (Yes, I’m a certified public accountant and I just renewed my license last week). Now, I’m a law student, enrolled in the five-year evening program of the same school.

Aside from my academics, I’m also busy with student politics. I’m currently the president of our Law Student Government, and was its vice president last year. I’m also a member of our college’s choral group, UP Charivari, and am a resident of a UP Law-based sorority called UP Portia Sorority. I try to juggle all of these activities with responsibilities a landlady of an apartment, which I converted into a boarding house. I’m also a legal research assistant for one of the professors in our college.

Outside of school, I also have other pursuits. Occasionally, I also practice and perform with my church’s choir. Until May 30 of this year, I was also employed as a part-time Channel Development Manager/Finance Resource of a start-up company called M2Cash Philippines.

Before going to law school, I had a two-year stint as a Key Account Manager in Procter & Gamble Distributing Philippines, Incorporated. There, I handled the company’s biggest modern retail account. On the side, I audited and signed financial statements for friends who were in need of independent auditors/external accountants. With accounting/sales/finance skills as part of my core competencies, I plan to specialize in Corporate/Tax law and establish my own Business and Legal Outsourcing Company after graduating and passing the bar.

I’m an avid music fan. I love listening to music and making some of my own. I’m also pretty sociable and family-oriented. I hold my best friends and family dear to my heart even though i don’t see them very often. I’m also a fiancée to someone named Mike Serrano. Most of all, I love God above everything else… I’m thankful because He has loved me first – enough to provide me with hope and a future. With Him and in Him, I know, I’ll always be safe and could always take some rest despite the flurry of activities that I get into. I know that through Him, all things are possible.


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