bad trip!!!

yesterday, a good friend way back from JPIA days, who’s also a barrister right now, texted me a text message which i forwarded to ate lemy (the UP law guard), miles (4th yr batch rep) & LP jill (5thyr block pres) initially.  then izzy, chicco, ate alms, py & angel txtd me about it.  so i txtd:

txt # 1:  hi, i just got these txts fr a baristr, c chevi saldua-castillo. i txtd ate lemy dn 2 ask 4 dtails. wla pa cya alam but magtatanong-tanong daw sya. askd batch reps dn 2 account 4 their batchm8s. am so hopin n hndi totoo ito.
“lobs, may graduating law student daw na napatay kc hinoldap yung gf nya? sbi ng nanay ko ewan ko lng san nya nakuha balita. toto ba to? kawawa naman”

txt # 2:  i askd kung san nbalitaan. ang sagot ay: dko alam. kc galing cna mama knina sa up. ang dami daw brgy o pulis na nagkakalat. sbi daw yun nga. sana mali lang rinig nila.”

we got no news about it.  then soph (a 2nd yr law student) txtd na the victim is named james g. chan, a law grad.  then miles googled it daw.  james chan is from cebu, the incident took place a week ago and pertained to a frat violence incident.  so i texted that naman to those people who texted me & whom i told na i’d get back to them.  kasalanan ba yon?

then just this afternoon, someone called me up to ask, “sa yo ba nanggaling yung tungkol dun sa law student na napatay?” 
sabi ko, “may nagtext sa kin, i wanted to confirm if its true”
sagot, “it spread like wildfire and it caused a lot of disturbance”
i said, “initially, i just texted miles”
reply, “yeah, but texting miles is just like texting the whole world”

bad trip lang.  kasi chevi texted me out of concern.  i texted miles (as the 4th yr batch rep) & ate lemy out of concern.  miles texted people out of concern lang din.  she wanted to account for batchmates.  masama ba yon? 

bad trip kasi mukha tuloy akong nagkakalat ng maling balita. 

tsaka bad trip din ako sa mga taong mali ang pagkakatext / pagforward ng message.  sana na lang they forwarded the exact same message i sent.  para they’d know na we were, ourselves, confirming the alarming piece of information.  not spreading chismis. 

and medyo bad trip din ako sa accusatory tone nung taong kausap ko kaninang hapon ha.  wag na natin sya pangalanan.  wala namang ikabubuti yon. 


2 thoughts on “bad trip!!!

  1. _artistmonk_ says:

    Hay nako, it’s the classic “telephone” dilemma, just like that old parlor game “Pass The Message”. And yes, in the end, it can be very irritating kasi mali-mali na ang laman ng message. I hope the damage of the miscommunication wasn’t too serious. šŸ™‚


    • lobit says:

      i dunno yet. i think the damage done is limited to the annoyance of people. and to a minimal amount of panic. bad trip coz that certainly wasn’t the intent


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