simple joys in life

i know i’ve been such a grouch lately (especially kapag yang marriage topic na yan ang pinag-uusapan…i’ve lashed out at some relatives & other people – all of whom just never failed to not give me suggestions and what not.  to think na ako mismo, gulong-gulo na.  di ko man lang naisip na they’ve been giving their solicited (and most of the time unsolicited) advice because they care for me and they only mean well.  so sorry if i’ve been such a biatch about this marriage topic (di naman talaga ako palaging ganito) but basically, i just wanted to rant and to let of steam.  a simple, “i understand” or a pat or “i’ll pray for you” will do.  haaay.  but anyway, nag-snap out na ako sa grouch mode ko.  (really sorry to my aunts & some friends…for the most part, i appreciate the concern)

i also may have been complaining too much lately (especially with regard to my lola’s blatant favoritism – in addition to the marriage topic) that i’ve seem to have forgotten how blessed i am.  (yeah, sometimes, we tend to overlook our blessings and feel that we are entitled to them naman talaga, kaya we cease to be thankful to God). 

this week, i’m happy & thankful because…
1.  last weekend, for the first time, na-complete ko ang lahat ng mga inter-A, B, C, D & E parties
2.  nanalo ang team namin (block E) sa murphy’s redux & natuwa kami nung courts (at either 2nd or 3rd place ang E)
3.  mas ok kami ni mike talaga now na medyo na-lift off sa shoulders namin ang pressure of a looming wedding date.  last week, he was telling me na he’s been asking his friends nga raw how much they spent for their wedding, tsaka details re: payment & telling them na nagbabalak na syang magpakasal.  (sya lang?  di ako kasama?  hehehe).  kanina, we were planning his finances, our savings & our first conjugal purchase after we get married – a good enough car
4.  hindi ako natawag sa evidence kanina.  (kasi di ako masyado nakapag-aral pero at least, umabot lang dun sa last case na nabasa ko).  pero nag-recit ako sa loc gov & legal method yesterday and matitino naman ang mga recit (yata)…at sa locgov, hindi umabot sa mga kasong di ko na nabasa.
5.  of DSL!  (and the stuff i’ve downloaded)
6.  my ipod recording device is very helpful
7.  i have no class tomorrow!  (our block was able to strike a bargain with sir barry na once a week lang kami mag-cl-class)
8.  no classes this weekend (salamat, UPCAT!)
10.  umandar na ang TV ko (yey, hindi sira!)
11.  ok ang usapan namin ni rosanne kaninang dinner
12.  kahit na naiwan ko ang celphone ko after evidence class sa classroom, hindi ito nawala. 

i just thank God for these blessings.  maaring hindi profound ang realizations ko now.  pero wala lang, happy lang ako and i wanna document it on this blog. 

am thankful too because i know & feel that God is at work & He’s blessing people around me as well.  i hope that He could use me to speak to them & to bless them too.  🙂

One thought on “simple joys in life

  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks, lory

    nag-enjoy ako sa chat nung tuesday 🙂

    at buti naman di nawala ang phone mo, hehe. kinabahan din ako (habang naghahanap ka at nagmamaneho pabalik ng law hehe)


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