[Error: close lj-embed tag without open tag]this video was shot more than 4 yrs ago, depicting morning traffic in makati avenue & my haggard daily look at work


11 thoughts on “yuck…ka-artehan!

    • lobit says:

      hehehe…sayang, yung mga bangga moments ko, di ko nacapture on cam! 🙂 how are you na? how’s MBA? i read your post abt rodics food. when you’re on vacation & you happen to swing buy UP, treat kita with rodics tapsilog. (since i’m in kinda a good mood today…hehe) btw, ok ba talaga yung manghuhula that you contacted? 🙂 i don’t really believe in such stuff but medyo curious lang ako.


      • richmondezer says:

        school is just about to get started so eto, im frantically trying to get settled in 🙂

        uy sige ha libre mo ako. student budget ako so every libre counts! kahit na worth 100 pesos lang ang rodic’s hehe

        okay siya, try mo. tsaka she’s actually kinda religious which is kinda weird, in a sense. she told me to pray!


      • lobit says:

        you’ll be a full-time student ba? have fun! studying’s still better compared to working…mas maraming “moments to breath” (considering how frantic life was in p&g. haha). medyo huge adjustment sya but i’m sure kayangkaya mo yan! kaw pa! 🙂

        sure yang rodics libre, promise…offer’s good till april 2009 (when i’ll be graduating from law school). hehe.

        take care! and keep in touch! 🙂


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