sick again

i’ve read all the cases and two books about the marital disqualification rule, deadman’s statute & privileged communication. i’m even trying to memorize secs 20-24 of rule 130 of the rules of court. but sadly, i can’t go to class today coz i have fever. (and i think i’m really sick because i actually feel bad about not getting to go to class!)

although ma’am avena gave me a grade that i feel i didn’t (still don’t) really deserve in civ pro, and even though i thought before that i won’t like her subject na, thing is i find myself enjoying evidence. it’s a hugely common sensical subject. and for someone like me who doesn’t really find memorizing a walk in the park, natutuwa ako coz i get ma’am avena’s logic (and i think i get the logic behind the rules of evidence too).

i don’t like being absent from class (especially in this one) coz i don’t like missing out on the lessons (yeah, yeah, i’m such a nerdy geek / geeky nerd, whatever). but thanks to my ipod & recording device, i could still get to listen to ma’am avena’s lecture & to my classmates reciting. (yey, thank God for technology!) special thanks to my sis, isee for dropping by my house to get the recorder! and special thanks to rosanne, ever & regi for coming over too (kahit na nabigay ko na kay isee yung recorder). and thanks na rin to aldwin for offering to get the recorder or to even drive me to school. to the ones on deck, i hope you guys do well tonight (john, relax ka lang).

gosh i hope this rest would do me well…may job “interview” kasi ako tomorrow for another research racket. this time based sa school of econ (special thanks to mara, alyansa orgmate for the referral). good thing this is just a stone’s throw away from our college. 🙂 may deadline din ako for sir danicon. tsaka may paper deadline sa ICT. eeek, so much to do, so little time.


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