may klase ba o wala?

i woke up this morning with a string of unanswered texts asking if there will be classes in UP law today.  it seems that earlier, there was an announcement on TV that classes will be suspended for all levels.  in order to answer them, i texted our college secretary, ma’am daway & tita linda, the head staff in her office to confirm.  tita linda texts back:  wala pang announcement.  text kita ulit.  i forwarded that message to all those who texted me, including LSG secretary nancy who’s the keeper of the LSG hotline.

next, i receive a text message from law rep leni:
confirmed na frm chancy no c lass all levels =) frm shan usc president 

i promptly asked tita linda for confirmation, who texted back:
kung chnclor sama pero confirm k muna. txt kta ulit.

i also get the same text from miles & emma, so mukhang kumalat ang text.  but i told them to wait 1st for admin approval.

next, i get a heads up that sir domeng disini is holding class.  then i get word that he dismisses class na rin pala.  then another text: hi lorybeth, my classmate called up UP law, may pasok dw sa law?

i get another advisory fr the law rep:
update kanina txt ni chancy kay shan walang class. pero ngtxt daw c vice chancy na teachers prerog na daw since konti lang may class ng wednesday. pano na law?

ito daw text ni vice chancy:
di nagsuspend ched. di rin ang UP coz sabi ni chancelor konti lang klase pag wed. bahala na daw profs.

i get two calls from ma’am daway – before and after she confirmed with the chancellor’s office.  based on her call, i send out the following advisory:
ma’am daway just called.  official announcement for UP law is: no announcement yet.  they’re also in the process of confirming with the chancellor’s ofc.  so suggest u prepare & go to ur classes muna. 

before that, i get a reply fr miles:
di ko muna txt sa mga tao yan. pag may defn sagot nlng cla.

so i call miles up & text everyone else the following:
pahabol.    ma’am daway said that if it’s teacher’s prerog, assume that there’s class.  so business as usual tayo folks đŸ˜¦  (agn til admin gives a contrary announcement)

so lessons learned:
1.  always confirm with college admin (despite announcements fr chancellor / CHED)
2.  if both announcements conflict, follow directives from the college admin.
3.  mahirap nang mag-text sa mga tao na walang klase tapos bawiin ulit later (so announce w/ caution)
4.  kelangan mabilis magdecide ang UP admin kung ano ba talaga.  at kailangan, i-inform na nila agad ang different college admins.  (in fairness sa local admin, couldn’t blame em, kung di pa sila tatawag sa univesity admin, they wouldn’t know)
5.  kelangan mabilis magtext sa mga tao.
6.  medyo nakakatuliro talaga pag masyadong maraming nagtatanong sa yo kung may pasok ba o wala.  (ewan ko ba, may announcement system naman kami)

pero salamat sa mga concerned students na nag-text.  nakakaalam rin ako ng info thru you guys.  if not for you, hindi ganun kabilis ang info dissemination.  masyadong matagal if we wait for UP admin to give advice to our college admin.  kelangan yata bottoms up ang approach eh.  salamat sa lahat ng involved sa munting kwentong ito.


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