we’ve set a date! (12/28/2008)

Finally a deal!

Pero we fought about it muna. Hahaha. Ayoko kasi ng 12/28/2008. Gusto ko sana either 8/8/08 or 6/7/08 (di ba, cute sila?) Si Mike naman, adamant sa 12/28/2008. At nabuhay na naman ang lahat ng kung anu-anong mga namatay na issues. (thanks to hot-headed tendencies when one has PMS and heyyy!!! am entitled to spoiled brattiness every once in a while!).

Anyway, he got tired and sleepy (at laging napuputol ang sun) and I still had a lot of things to do. We decided to end the squabble. When I woke up, I thought sige, okay na rin yung date. I told him…He’s happy. I’m happy. So I guess now, all’s well that ends well. 🙂


I slept at 2:30pm last night. Aral muna for method then usap muna kami ni Cams (thanks for hearing me out, sis, I just felt so bad after fighting with Mike). I planned to wake up at 5:30pm so I could finish studying for Method. But no. I woke up at 7:30 – with dysmenorrhea and a headache at that. So no can do, right? But at least, I have a valid excuse why I was absent in my 8am Method class.

I checked my phone, saw a g’morning message from Mike and dozed off muna. When I woke up, I did my Pub Off take home quiz right away (I’m done! Yehey!), and texted pub off classmates for text advisories.

Now, I’m about to do my Negotiations reflection paper (due 12nn. Gudlak, it’s already 11:52am. It’ll be late for sure). And I just texted locgov classmates if they’re amenable to having locgov on wednesday instead of tonight. They’re now replying. Mukha namang everyone’s amenable. Ka-t-text ko lang kay Sir Barry. Sana he’ll be okay with it. Whatever he says, will be sending blockmates a text advisory.

(a couple of minutes later)
…Yehey! and sir barry said that he’s okay with it. so no locgov tonight! and he says make up class will be wednesday next week, since he’ll have a meeting wednesday night this week. yahoo! (so i could still go to the boxing gym and have omakase dinner with cams this wednesday). yahoo!

so happy. i could catch up on my method backlog and study for evidence later (after i finish the reflection paper). yahoo!

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