long-lost relatives

aliw…i’ve always wanted to trace my family tree or meet up with long-lost relatives.  yesterday, i had the opportunity to discover such. 

i’ve always been an inquisitive kid asking kung sino ang mga ninuno namin.  sa motherside ng mother ko, turns out that a paderanga married a tingabngab (wag nyong pagtawanan). their kid married a linejan.  their kid, my grandmother, married a rugay.  my mother, the offspring, married a baldrias.  and so my sister and i were born. 

yesterday, my new boss (dr dondon paderanga, formerly of NEDA) and i got to talk about affinities.  kasi i asked him how he was related to G2 paderanga, who’s a batchmate of mine in up law.  sabi nya, g2 raw is the grandson of his cousin.  they were paderangga’s daw who were from camiguin.  sina g2 transferred to cebu.  the line started daw when three brothers and a sister showed up in northern mindanao in the 1900s.  twas then that i remembered my lola’s kwento about her grandma, who came from spain daw yata or something.  i told sir dondon that my lola’s lola is a paderanga from mambajao camiguin. 

then i called my lola up.  turns out that she met sir dondon na pala in the past.  sir dondon’s father in law kasi was the former vice governor of surigao, who’s a friend of my grandparents naman.  my lola said they met na raw.  pamangkin daw ni nanay si sir dondon. 

so small world, huh?  turns out that sir dondon, g2 and i are related.  sir dondon is an econ prof, g2 majored in econ, now we became classmates in UP law (our dads were both up law ’78 naman), and i’m sir dondon’s RA.  aliw no?  🙂

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