i so thank God for my bestest friend, miharu.  and am so thankful that we got to talk on the phone tonight, especially since we don’t get to see each other nor talk to each other as much now.  we met in church, were classmates in highschool & have been friends since we were 12 & have seen each other through some trying moments.   housemates din kami before for a year (with her sister, nayna)  at palagi kaming may sleep-over when she was still single.

mij has been happily married for almost 2 yrs now to bart, an architect who’s now studying to be a pastor.  she’s toying with the idea of specializing in OB and i’m happy to hear that she seems to be finding herself there.  even when we were young, gusto na nya maging missionary, a pastor’s wife.  now, she’s on her way to being a missionary doctor. 

kahit na palagi namin syang inaalaska ni zih, she’s the one that i trust the most talaga and i’ve always looked up to her, especially in terms of her faith.  i’ve seen how God has been faithful to her, and palagi akong na-i-inspire when we get to talk.  dati, before she got married, i was a little sad  coz i thought na maybe there’ll be changes in our friendship, eh para pa man din kaming sisters (yeah, yeah, twas selfish of me). 

but if it weren’t for her wedding, i wouldn’t have met mike, who’s her husband’s childhood friend from church.  (alala ko pa before, we were wishing that our future husbands would be friends and that our future families would be good friends, just as our biological families are) 🙂  of course now, i’m just so glad that she got married ahead of me. 

tonight, i’m so glad that we had this chance to have a brief chitchat over the phone.  for the past few weeks kasi, i’ve feeling so disturbed & distracted lately (with the cold feet and all).    after our conversation tonight medyo nagkaroon ng peace inside me.  🙂   as always, what mij has to say would always make a lot ofsense.  happy ako coz what she told me  & what my mom’s been telling me are concurring with what God seems to be telling me during my quiet time. 

wala lang.  natutuwa lang ako dahil na-miss ko na ang bestfriend ko and we were able to talk.    and i could see how God is at work in her life.  really inspiring. 


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