new youth group

yesterday, i attended this meeting (see pix).  was invited by tito dan, churchmate, family friend and neighbor.  around 50+ people aged 17 to 36+ were at the meeting.  congressmen abaya & ang chong (they were really nice), prof  july teehankee and atty chito gascon were among the speakers.  former DA secretary butch abad (i like his framework as to why the youth are disenfranchised with politics) also spoke about the specific agenda for youth organizing. 

objective of the meeting was to create a new youth arm of the liberal party (this is the drilon faction, clarification lang).  and so an ad hoc group was elected from the body to brainstorm & create by-laws, mission, vision, goals, membership guidelines, and other preliminaries for organizations.  fortunately or unfortunately, i was one of those elected. 

hindi ko pa alam kung anong mangyayari now.  but we’ll know in the coming days, months, years.  sana may magandang patunguhan ito. 



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