amazing wireless landline!

the gadget freak that i am, sobra talaga akong aliw with the concept of a wireless landline.  sira na ngayon ang distinction between a landline and a cellphone. 

this wireless landline from bayantel is internet-ready, and has coverage all over m.mla.  pwede ka pa mag-text through this!  medyo malaki nga lang sya, but the celphone-like-internet-ready unit costs P8K+ vs this one that costs a little less than P2K.  wag na oi!  😛

matagal ko nang gustong magkaroon nito.  buti na lang, may nakasalubong ako kanina na bayantel agent…at naging instant subscriber tuloy ako.  (hehe…gullible)

i highly recommend this!  sinubukan namin sa portia room kanina para mag-order ng kfc.  aliw talaga ako.


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