Mabuti naman…

During its meeting on September 5, 2007, the NCPAG Faculty Council issued the ff.resolution:

The NCPAG Faculty Council withdraws its recognition of Mr. Ariel Paolo Ante as Chair of the NCPAG Student Council for loss of confidence ande dereliction of duty.

Mr. Ante has failed to exercise principled and moral leadership during the critical days after the death of an NCPAG student, by his inability to uphold student welfare, by his failure to mobilize the NCPAG Student Council to collectively respond to the death of a Student Council official, and by his deafening silence and unexplained absence.

The NCPAG Faculty Council finds Mr. Ante’s continued refusal to appear before legal authorities to shed light on this condemnable incident as conduct unbecoming and unacceptable of a student leader and member of the NCPAG community. The council condemns this behavior as not only irresponsible but also an obstruction of justice.

We ask University authorities to exhaust and pursue all legal and administrative means to expel Mr. Ante from the University.


Alex B. Brillantes, Jr. PhD.


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