Statement of the UP Diliman Executive Committee *

Stopping the culture of fraternity violence

The Executive Committee of the University of the
Philippines Diliman condemns in the strongest
possible terms the senseless and highly
deplorable death of Cris Anthony Mendez in what
has been reported to be a fraternity hazing

We share the grief and incalculable loss of the
Mendez family. Cris Mendez was about to graduate
from the National College of Public Administration
and Governance, and was expected to graduate with
honors. He was a consistent scholar and
responsible student leader.

The University assures the public and the bereaved
family that it will exert all efforts and spare no
one to bring the truth to light. We extend our
full cooperation to the authorities in order to
identify all those who are responsible for this
dastardly act and bring them to justice as
swiftly as possible. We urge all who have any
knowledge of this heinous crime to step forward
to stand witness to the truth and affirm the
value of human life. The Executive Committee
calls in particular upon those who were directly
or indirectly involved to find the moral courage
to step forward and take responsibility for their

UP Diliman is firmly resolved to intensify all
efforts to change the culture of violence which,
from time to time, rears its ugly head in the
course of initiation rites and inter-fraternity
conflicts. In addition to the current review
being undertaken regarding the rules of student
conduct and discipline, measures designed to
promote harmonious relations among fraternities
shall be encouraged and enhanced. Moreover,
long-term measures intended to foster a culture
of peace and non-violence will be adopted.

(adopted by the UP Diliman Executive Committee at
its Special Meeting held on September 5, 2007)

The UP Diliman Executive Committee is composed of
deans and directors of colleges and schools and
is chaired by the Chancellor.

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