so much to do, so little time

just finished with this wkend’s bar ops duty (day ops today was particularly fun as DS, KC, Allelu and Choi showed off their psychic prowess  ).  i left early because i lost my method cases.  fortunately, ran into carlo across the street.  one of his brods is a method classmate, was able to photocopy his cases before leaving taft.

when i got home, watched the UAAP cheerdance competition while resting (arrived in time for UP’s performance…talk about timing!).  while watching the UP performance, i got goosebumps!  couldn’t explain why…till the results came out…panalo ulit UP!  galing!  (i remember the first time UP lost after that winning streak, i was watching the competition live in araneta.  twas my first & only time to watch it live, nasa front seat pa ako…eek, jinx yata kami nung kasama ko kaya natalo.  haha)

now, finished sending an email to howie severino (to request for the use of videos for et tu brod) and doing some research for the technocracy project and emailing the same for my bosses.  doreen (gawad sis, friend and upstairs boarder) came over din so konting update sa status ng boarding house and chika. 

next, i ought to study for method, read kahit unting evidence cases lang (para at least mabawasan…darn it, i’m on deck!), do the outline of the powerpoint presentation for the anti-violence watch in et tu brod.  kung may time, gawin na yung reflection paper for nego.  tapos magbasa ng loc gov cases na volunteer ako.  kelangan ko pa pala i-upload yung list of volunteers sa block egroup.  argh.  (this is the reason why the title of this entry is such)

i’m tired, i wanna sleep sana so i could recharge…too bad i can’t (kahit na medyo brain dead ako and i sooo need a break before i actually study).  mukhang malakasang effect ng bacchus and ion combined sa ‘kin ah. nasosobrahan yata ako ng energy drink sa bar ops. 

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