may benefits din pala ang kakapalan ng mukha

i got Joey Lina’s cel number yesterday so that i could inform him kung magst-start na ang program.  kanina, i texted him again.  una, i just wanted to text him coz i somehow felt bad dun sa may pagka-bastos na bar reviewee from aquila yesterday sa forum.  but the text went this way na. 

“Hello sir, i just want to personally thank you once more for coming to the forum “et tu brod” yday.  pasensya na po for the barrage of questions from the bar reviewee.  i rly liked po the multi-sectoral cultural approach ( e.g. anti-hazing month) to augment the law.  on our part po, we’ll be forming a multi-sectoral group called “student-led anti-hazing watch alliance”.  could i send u po kaya some notes about it?  we would appreciate some suggestions from you din po. God bless po!”

He replied, sige, email ko raw sa kanya ang notes.  And so I did!  (Ang kapal talaga ng mukha ko)

Tapos, nabasa ko ‘tong article na ‘to (which enuh posted, thanks sis!)…which means he might be willing to help us out talaga.  And who knows, baka makapag-Manila Hotel pa nga sa presscon, right?  hehehe  (pertinent portion is: The idea is to prod them to forever cast hazing aside and instead channel the youth’s energies to more constructive nation-building activities. Lina offered the Manila Hotel, which he heads, as venue for this congress. I hope the schools will pick up his challenge.)

And so I emailed him (update pag sumagot):

Dear Sir,

Triggered by the demise of Cris Mendez allegedly due to fraternity hazing, volunteers from the UP College of Law through the UP Law Student Government and the UP Alyansa have been brainstorming re: an Anti-Hazing & Frat Violence Strategy.  Last Saturday po, we finally sat down and decided to formally carry out such strategies via an multi-sectoral alliance (Student-led Anti-hazing Watch Alliance).  That’s why po when I was listening to your speech about the multi-sectoral approach to combat hazing, I thought po of asking you for inputs about what we have thus far. 

In a nutshell po, the vision/mission of SAWA is the abolition of hazing as part of Initiation in fraternities, sororities and similar organizations. 

Top three objectives po are:

  • Oversee Student Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) proceedings against frats in frat-related violence cases
  • Coordinate Guidance counseling initiatives in various colleges and conduct counseling sessions in Freshman orientations
  • Be at the forefront of various cultural initiatives within the university to display enmity against hazing and to remind the student body of its ill effects

We’re thinking of a 4-pronged strategy to combat hazing:

  • From Below – addresses the need to communicate to potential recruits the ills of hazing & the prospect that it could happen upon joining a community
    • Counselling sessions for more informed choices
      • Team-up’s with the University’s Office of Counselling & Guidance, Freshman Orientation & Program Committee, and even with the local college councils
    • Provide them with links with other types of organizations depending on their needs and leanings
  • From Within – we plan to tap some frat residents, whom we know are also against the culture of violence within their fraternities.  Through SAWA, they will be given an opportunity to network with each other, as well as develop stronger linkages with like-minded alumni.
  • From Above – we want to reach the Alumni of fraternities as well.  We know po kasi that fraternity alumni have such huge influence on their resident brods and are the biggest funders of their fraternities.  We have heard po of models in UP Manila, wherein alumni have put their foot down on hazing by saying that they will cease to fund the fraternity’s activities if hazing (or other similarly violent activities persist).  We plan po to meet with them and to invite them to either be a permanent member or an adviser of the Alliance.
  • From Outside – we want to reach din po groups external to the fraternities, in particular the UP & the college administrations.  Some proposals that we have are:
    • The establishment of a separate department (or sub-department) for frat-related violence cases in the University’s SDT/Legal Office
    • Request for a “guidance counseling office” per college & a certification in one’s Form5 that the student has been counseled as a prerequisite to enrollment
    • Request faculty to discuss the prospects & effects of hazing in an academic setting
    • Team up with other organizations in the University (e.g. University Student Council [USC] & Alliance of Concerned Dormitories [ACD])

As regards the composition of the group po, we’d like it to be comprised of:

  • A core group composed of an Admin Adviser, a member of a Local College Council, a Frat Alumni rep, a Media rep, an Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs rep, a rep from the Office of the Counselling & Guidance
  • Individuals w/o affiliations
  • Frat / Sorority residents & Alumni who are opposed to hazing in their organizations
  • Professors
  • Police
  • Media

As for the org structure, we’re thinking it would be something like:

  • Coordinator
  • Secretariat
  • Treasury
  • Spokesperson
  • Publications
  • Representatives (from colleges councils, USC, ACD, Frats, Frat Alumni, Admin) – reps may change annually
  • Working Committees (above, within, below, external – according to the strategy) – composition would be permanent

Lastly po, our rough critical path is as follows:

  • Sept 25 – presentation to local college councils
  • Sept 27 – 1st GA of the Alliance
  • Within the school year:
    • Early part of 2nd sem – Presscon to formally launch SAWA in public
    • Second sem –
      • Fundraising / Pleges
      • Regular publication
      • Preparation of counselling module
  • May – Freshmen counselling
  • June (’08-09 enrollment) – Local college counselling
  • SY ’08 (UP Centennial Celebration) – 100% free hazing on UP’s 100th yr

Attached po is the powerpoint presentation that we presented during the forum, “Et Tu Brod?” re: the anti-hazing strategies.  Thank you so much po for your willingness to help!

God bless you!


Pagdasal natin na maging okay ‘to.  At next sem, mabawasan substantially ang frats na may hazing o di kaya ay mawala na ang hazing entirely.

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