unlimited wifi for just P300/mo!

the CEO and the VP of mike’s company (Edge) recently made a proposal to me.  the proposal goes like this.  incorporated some of my own plans as well.  do tell me what you guys think. 

1.  background: 

  • in starbucks, seattle’s and other airborne access hotspots, they sell these airborne access cards for P100, which enable one to surf the net through their wifi network for an hour. 
  • there are a lot of law students (plus their family, friends and other networks) + other UP people who go to these places to either study and/or work
  • wi-fi in UP law is limited to the first floor of the lib.  it’s serviced by dilnet and is at times mabagal and paputol-putol.
  • LSG is in search of a ground-breaking fund-raising project

2.  big idea:

  • Edge will sell an e-pin (with username & password) for unlimited use of airborne access for P300/mo (renewable monthly) – valueproposition di ba? P300/mo na lang instead of P100/hour

3.  how it works:

  • a customer will pay thru an LSG bank account.  he needs to give the deposit slip (thru fax or email of scanned copy) or the deposit slip # (thru text)
  • confirmation message from the hotline number.  communicate to Edge so Edge could give e-pin info to customer.
  • customer (if satisfied with services) renews monthly (same cycle continues)
  • meanwhile: LSG gives names of paid customers to Edge & remits payment.
  • for every e-pin, LSG stands to earn a certain percentage (secret muna how much)
  • minimum of 300 e-pins, they’ll install wi-fi in the college for free (magiging hotspot din ang UP law)

4.  key benefits:

  • cheaper, more accessible net access for those with laptops (but no we-roam devices)
  • free wi-fi installation for UP law!
  • profits for LSG

5.  next steps:

  • already met with abet
  • proposal to college admin (re: wifi installation)
  • market survey
  • team – strong accounting team essential for proper inventory, A/R, A/P accounting system + customer database
  • bank account for this project
  • hotline number for this project
  • fax
  • tech person in UP law to coordinate with Edge tech people (headed by my fiancee)
  • recruit team to execute!  (c/o abet)

6.  target market:

  • UP law students
  • UP law alumni
  • UP students
  • friends & family nila (the aforementioned)
  • kahit sinong may laptop with wifi access


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