guess who’s back…

i just got this text a couple of hours back: sabi daw ni…sa OLA mtg nila yday, _______ is 1 of the SLs…

eeek, so, he’s back…

four years ago, i made the mistake of going out to pee in the middle of a two-unit subject.  the professor in that subject  asked  who left the room.  upon receiving the answer, he got my classcard and wrote a 5.0 on it.  after that class, i apologized for going out, i explained that i had to go out because i’m prone to having recurring UTI.  but guess what, he just said, “i don’t care.”

i committed another mistake of not dropping because i thought i could still make my grade better by volunteering for a recitation.  i was able to improve my recit grade, alright but come finals time, he failed me by 1 freaking point.  and because he doesn’t round off nor give 4.0’s, i got a 5.0 for the first and only time (dapat!) in my academic life.

from that point on, my academic record was tarnished.  and i still feel so bad about it.  i’m a fairly conscientious student, i may not be the most industrious student in class, but for sure, i work hard and i didn’t deserve that failing grade. 

i dreaded running into that professor (he who strutted along with his smug, condescending air) along the corridors of the college.  twas a good thing that two semesters later, he took a leave of absence to go abroad for some personal reasons. 

and now he’s back.  thank God i’ve already taken the subjects that he teaches.  kaso, he might still be my SL next year in ola (if he’s still an SL next year).  plus, he sits in several committees in the college.  for sure, i will be facing him in these meetings, since i am the designated student representative. 

eeek, i don’t know how i’ll be facing him initially.  i know (positive thinking) that it will eventually be alright.  still, i’m pretty apprehensive of our first meeting. 

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