re: the UP Law Student Lounge

just sent this to the oneuplaw egroup:

Dear All,

Several years back, the Student Lounge in the college was donated by an alumni batch.  Its management has been primarily vested by its donors and the College Admin with the LSG.  During the 1st semester of every school year, the student lounge has traditionallybeen occupied by barristers, who use it as their primary study nook.  This school year’s first sem was no different. 

Now that the bar season is already over, however, the LSG (c/o VP PY) will just be giving a week’s lead time for them to claim their stuff in the lounge.  Afterwards, we will have the lounge cleaned up so it could be used by the entire student body.  The cleaned up student lounge should be ready for use by the student body-at-large within the week of Oct 8-15.

Moreover, within this week, the LSG Executive Board will be releasing a resolution containing rules to regulate the use of the student lounge.  The rules contained in the resolution are pursuant to a meeting for the “rationalization of the use of the lounge”, which was initiated by the College Administration (specifically Professor Daway and Dean Carlota) a month ago. 

The Student Lounge will also be the place of business of an LSG project called “Malcolm Store” which we’ll be launching in the second semester.  This project will be handled by LSG Treasurer Abet Villordon.  Consequently, he will also be the Executive Board Officer in charge of the lounge. 

Though the management and regulation of the student lounge has been primarily vested with the LSG, we will not be able to maintain it, by ourselves.  Definitely, we will be needing the help of the entire student body.  It is in this light that Abet, in his capacity as OIC of the Student Lounge, will be releasing monthly block schedules in managing / cleaning up the student lounge by tomorrow. 

For clarifications & concerns, you may text the LSG hotline number at 09268860158.    Thank you and God bless us all as we prepare for our final exams and requirements!




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