hurray! (one down, lotsa more to go)

it’s 4am and i just finished the legal memo for method.  yehey!  that’s one down and lotsa more to go!  those lotsa more being:

1.  ICT paper
2.  Nego topic + paper
3.  2 more Nego reflection papers
4.  Loc Gov annotated outline
5.  Evidence finals
6.  Med Jur Finals
7.  Method finals
8.  Pub off final requirement – i wonder what that is

for now, i need to sleep.  still have class at 9am (sana wala!), then study for evidence (got backlog na thanks to the legal memo), then mtg at IDEA for the forensic accounting project w/ ADB at 2pm, then study ulit for evidence, then joint class.

walang pahinga.  whew.  to think i’m sick (have fever + sore throat + colds = upper respiratory tract infection ito malamang).  plus nadapa pa ako the other day.  (dala ng katangahan…that’s actually why i can’t wear pants till the bruise heals)

oh well…enuf with blogging…am outta here.


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