dengue-free! (yey! PTL!)

after 5 days of having intermittent fever (na umabot ng 39degrees yesterday) + sore throat + severe colds + cough, i finally was able to grab an opportunity to go to the hospital (infirmatay) this afternoon (dala na rin ng pangungulit ng mom ko, ni mike, ni dean, ni ma’am daway & ni ma’am chit) after the emergency food committee meeting (i love food committee meetings, we always get to eat good food!  syempre, ironic kung food committee tapos pangit ang pagkain…haha!  tsaka maraming tsismis & bonding with some nice UP law faculty members & ate elsa…nwayz…).  so, had myself checked, then nagpa-CBC ako.  for a while, medyo kinabahan pa ako coz PM & LP Jill noticed that i kinda had rashes…(si sir leonen ang sweet, nagtanong pa kung ano na results ng test ko)…but thank God, when i got the CBC results, it was negative for dengue!  (although results also say that i’m anemic…but then again, dati ko nang alam yon)

so final diagnosis for me:  upper respiratory tract infection (i’d have that any day rather than dengue).  so antibiotic na ito + rest.   hope i get truly well para makabwelo for finals season!


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