The High Cost of Unforgiveness (as applied)

the other day, i got this text, “Hi glng km n mngang s SM nmili sya ng mga polo nla junior pti ky don2 laruan dn ng anak n don2 ang n pmli n mnang mhigit 8thou lhat tta”

i replied with, “thanks for informing me, tita, hayaan nalang natin”

today’s entry in my devotional, “Life on Purpose for Women” seemed to speak to me.  i realized that i still carry resentment against my grandmother for playing favorites between her children, and even among her grandchildren.

it’s difficult because everytime i decide to just forgive and let go, a fresh new incident takes place.  i live with her (them) and that’s why the scabs of these emotional wounds seem to be cut anew to form even deeper wounds…i am reminded once more of how in the recent months, her favoritism has become grossly apparent. 

this resentment is not healthy, definitely.  i guess at the end of the day, what matters is: how do i respond to this?  true, i may not be able to change her (only God can), but i am in control of my response to such situations.  do i retaliate?  (now, just what good would that do?…to me or to her or even to the rest of my family.  i certainly don’t want to carry this burden around.  it’s eating me up.  nor do i want to carry it in the next phase of my life.) or do i respond in love?  definitely, it ought to be the latter.  but how exactly do i do that?  (Lord, please help…please give me wisdom…please help me to love the way You do and to respond the way You would)

tama na muna ‘to…aral na ako.  (thank You, Lord, coz even now, I feel You’re easing this load).


One thought on “The High Cost of Unforgiveness (as applied)

  1. Anonymous says:


    i remember that long talk we had during our mrt ride on the way to ascott, nung pinag-usapan natin ‘to. sobrang naiintindihan ko ang feeling na ‘to, di ba, i told you. hindi man all-fours ang situation namin dito, alam mo naman how affected i am pagdating sa family talks 🙂

    tama ka, ang solution is to forgive. to always forgive 🙂



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