a recap of 2007 (thus far)

1. Have you had your birthday yet?
— yup, april 16

2. Are you with the same person as you
were at the beggining of 2007?
— of course!

3 . Are you still in the same job?
— no

4. Is your favorite color the same
— yup

5. Have you got the same style/colour
hai r ?
— no, shorter.  different hair color too

6. Have you bought a new car this year?
— i wish

7. Is there anything exciting that
happened this year?
— lots: along with the LSG presidency comes a lot of “excitement” (issues to handle…hehe) +  mike’s proposal of sorts

8. Have you been involved with the
police this year?
— nakaaway ko sila (di naman talaga away, more of anya & me making pa-cute so we could have our way with the trucks nung bar ops)

9. Favorite all time drinking place
for 2007?
— don’t drink pa rin

10. Is your best friend still your
best friend?
– of course (though we rarely see each other)

11. Got any tattoos or piercings this
– – nope, not into these things

12. Had a haircut?
— several

13. Been in a hospital this year?
— suki ako sa infirmary.  + st luke’s because of mommygran

14. Lost someone you cared about this
— si bruce.  😦  (bruce is a pet)

15. Been on a vacation this year?
— not yet.  waaah

16. Been in love this year?
— of course

1 7. Fallen out of love this year?
— not that i know of

18. Been kicked out of a pub this year?
— i’ve bever been to one (ditto)

19. Completed any studies this year?
— my 3rd yr in law school

20. Read any books?
— mga pang-school + bible + devotional

21 . Worst thing to happen this year?
— can’t really pinpoint one

22. Best thing to happen this year?
— it still has to happen

23. How many times have you gotten
— none

24. Has this year been a good one so
— ok lang…it’ll be better, am sure.  🙂


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