funny 6th grade journal entries

thanks to the survey from my sis toie, i was able to recall this blog post from my old friendster blog dated december 2005:

i discovered some of my 6th grade diaries and here are 2 entries that top the list of “my funniest journal entries”:

ENTRY # 1:

9:10 p.m.

Dear Diary,

I’ve already packed my things. I decided to run away. My mom (her again) let me lose my privilege (?) of using the phone, spanked me and won’t let me go to the trip! My crush & I will surely miss each other! And worse, I’m at home, doing nothing (I can’t use the phone) while they (including my bestfriends) are having so much fun! See the contrast? And even if I can use the phone, I won’t have anybody to talk to. I’ll certainly die of boredom & a broken heart. Ok. I’m disobedient. So very, very disobedient. but who can understand me here? My mom? My dad? My sister, aunt & helper? Nobody at all. So I have to use the telephone…

(as if naman pag di ako makagamit ng phone, mamatay na ako…)

Entry # 2:

If anyone finds this when I’m already dead, please give them to my parents.


I, Lorybeth Rugay Baldrias, being totally (in)sane, do give these things to the most important and beloved people in my life, namely:

To my father, my pictures, tapes and photo albums
To my mother, my bible and my friends’ secrets
To my sister, Lee-Ann, my clothes and dolls
To my aunts, certificates and awards
To Benjamin, all of my journals and songhits
To my cousin James, all of my gameboards & other toys
To Likha, my report cards, books, notebooks and bags
To Xandra, my accesories (wrong spelling) like belts, headbands, necklaces, watches, bracelets & earings
To Leilani, my study table
To Christine Misajon wherever she is, my bed & pillows
To MaryRose Velmonte & Jemn Gamboa, my bookshelf & glasses respectively
To Psyche, my autographs.

And now, having disposed of my valuable property I hope all will be satisfied and not blame the dead. I forgive everyone and may we all meet during the everlasting life when the trumpets will finally sound. Amen.

To this will and testament I set my hand and seal on this 25th day of November Anni Domino 1991.


Lorybeth Rugay Baldrias


Likha Cuevas (signed)

Mikel Faigmane (signed)

Before I forget. The last one who signed here will be the one to open my real will.

(ironically, my good friend, mikel, passed away due to typhoid fever when we were 19am friends with his kid sister now, who’s currently a 3rd yr BAA student and also a JPIAn…if you’re reading, hi carla!)


2 thoughts on “funny 6th grade journal entries

  1. Anonymous says:

    dear lord! why give me…

    your report cards?! hahaha.

    god bless mikel. nauna na siya. di ko naalala na co-signee pala ako sa will mo. haha.



    • Anonymous says:

      Re: dear lord! why give me…

      hahaha! i have no freaking idea. can’t figure out why. 🙂

      nakilala ko last sem yung kid sister ni mikel. 3rd yr BAA student ngayon. nice kid.


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