grade 6 survey (from toie)

am reposting this from a friendster bulletin i just posted (kasi segway ‘to sa isang entry na i-p-post ko in a while)

THINK BACK TO grade 6 lyf..
Let’s see how much you remember and how much you regret…

What section were you?
= White Rose

Who was your adviser?
= Ms Alegro

How many were you in one class?
= around 36-40?

Who were your seatmates?
= paiba-iba eh…basta, i remember seated near me were mikel & bjorn

Still remember your english teacher?
= mrs. carino (God bless her soul)

What was your first class?
= shux…either MAPE or english

Who was/were your bestfriend/s?
= likha cuevas, bj molina, amy coscolluela, donna punzalan, michelle aquino, leni katimbang, ria mariano, xandra dimaranan

Mad e friends to the lower years?
= yup, friends in the msi choir – dan antonio, gmeleen tomboc (na nakasama ko rin sa up law), of course fiona de ocampo, tsaka si gem carino (we even buried a fish together)

Had a boyfriend/girlfriend ?
= MU (haha, maaga lumandi)

How was your class schedule?
= 7:30 to 4:30 (ako rin yata)

Have any enemies?
= petty quarrels (forgot what about)…ay shucks, nag-away pala kami ni arni nun over pizza that we cooked in HE class!  haha.  tsaka sinugod ng mom ko si leilani del rosario dahil inalis ang campaign posters ko.  haha

Who was your favorite teacher?
= si ma’am carino

What sports did you play?
= nothing.  lampa na ako dati pa.

Did you buy your lunch?
= nope, packed lunch (palaging noodles + fern salad + ham/bacon/hotdog)

Were you a party animal?
= NO

Were you well known in your school?
= i don’t know.  i was a transferee. and shy.  (believe it or not, i was shy and quiet) but for a transferee, pretty well known siguro coz i was with the choir, tapos star section.  tsaka i won in a sing & look alike contest & in a declamation contest the previous year.  haha.  ah, i ran din pala for auditor in the school “barangayette” (parang LSG) but i lost.  haha.

= no, goody-goody ako eh.

Did you get suspended/expelled?
= goody-goody nga ako.

W hat was your favorite subject?
= english, math, hekasi, filipino…lahat ata except MAPE (arts = i didn’t know how to draw.  PE = lampa nga ako)

What was your school’s full name?
= Maquiling School Incorporated

Did you go to the dances?
= yes

If you could go back in time and do it
all over, would you?
= yes, but i would’ve been more assertive.  

What do you remember most about grade
6 lyf?
= mga iskul bukol tactics (nahuli kami ng teacher na nagpapadalahan ng “love letters” in class ng ka-MU ko.  haha), away namin nina bj & amy, choir practice, telebabad, this club i formed with mikel called “Secret Society of Spies” (stalker na noon pa man…haha), this last will & testament that i made

Favorite memory in grade 6?
= siguro when we went to malacanang to sing “puno’y wag ubusin” & when DENR shot that video of the children’s choir for the commercial

Worst memory in grade 6?
= pag napapagalitan ng prof?

Where did you go most often for break?
= canteen or sa room lang

Got any honors or special awards?
= with honors tsaka for MSI children’s choir chuva-chuva

Did you like 1st year?
= definitely!  


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