pardon my evidence hang-over

for the past couple of days, i’ve been studying evidence alternately with medjur, the final exam of which we took last Saturday (ano ba, para na akong rules of court kung mag-construct ng sentence).  i TRIED to memorize rules 128 to 133 of the rules of court and even some of the provisions of the rules on electronic evidence and child witness rule.  such ATTEMPT was based on the hearsay (hearsay na coz i was absent in the last meeting) that ma’am avena told the class that she’ll be merciless in the finals.  due to sheer lack of time, however, i wasn’t able to re-study the cases anymore (i just read the digests for the cases that came after capili v ca – a good case to cite for res ipsa loquitur, btw).  i have to admit that a couple of minutes before the exam, i was still a little scared because i felt so inadequately prepared.  just then, a song came to my mind and i started singing the lyrics of the hymn, “great is Thy faithfulness” to myself.  i decided to let go of my fear of the “merciless” questions.  then the exam questionnaire came and i started to answer.  unlike the past avena exams i’ve taken (civpro midterms take 1 before i dropped, midterms take 2, finals and evidence midterms), i finished this one within the allotted time.  i can’t say that my answers were correct because even now, i’m already aware of some boo-boo’s i wrote in my answers (wrong arguments).  but i’m just so happy that i was calm while taking the test – probably because i had this calm disposition while taking the exam, it was clear to me even as i was taking it that God is in control…i know He won’t fail me (by faith too, i know He won’t allow me to fail).  i’m just so glad that the evidence exam is over.  whatever happens in the results, okay lang with me.  it’s all lifted up to Him now.  besides, i’m happy with evidence and having studied it under ma’am avena.  sa ilang meetings ko ba namang nakatayo sa pag-r-recit ko sa kanya, reciting rules 128-129, rule 130 sec 41-51, and i even prepared to recite rule 131), i could really say that i know my evidence.  (to those who will most probably have ma’am avena in the succeeding sems, it definitely is an experience, a scary one (bwahahaha!), to have her as a prof but it’ll be worth it.  promise, matututo talaga kayo). 

so now, three subjects down (ICT, med jur, evidence), four more to go (negotiations, method, loc gov, pub off).  can’t wait for the sem to be over!  yey, malapit na!  🙂

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