prayer of st francis (as sung by the madz)

i love choral music + i love this song (especially this arrangement) = hence this post

i remember our highschool glee club sang this song in our "voice from the heart" concert…13 yrs later, i still know the soprano part by heart.  kaya naman when i came accross this video sa youtube, i couldn’t help but watch/listen to and clip it 🙂

nway, gnyt everyone…this is me signing off with this song…i’m like a zombie right now.  but i’m very ecstatic that i just finished my last requirement for the sem.  been working on it almost non-stop since sunday 4pm (just took a 6 hr break inclusive of sleep, a power nap, working meals, text and CR breaks).  now i just need to print it out tomorrow.  thank you sir barry for extending the deadline till tomorrow or else i wouldn’t have made it.  thank you God dahil this signals the end of 1st sem AY’07-’08 for me.  🙂 


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