reg procedure in UP law

by Reg Com head, edel (thanks dear!):

HI! We just want to inform you that we will be following the registration system last sem (ie. 2 hours per block; not applicable to graduating students). Please be guided accordingly.

Nov. 5 (Monday)- graduating students – may come any time.
Nov. 6 Freshies
             9:00-11:00                        Block A
             10:00-12:00                       Block B
             1:00-3:00                         Block C
             2:00-4:00                         Block D
             anytime from 9-12 & 1-5           Block E
Nov. 7 Juniors and 4E
             9:00-11:00                        Block A

             10:00-12:00                       Block B
             1:00-3:00                         Block C
             anytime from 9-12 & 1-5           Block E
Nov. 8 Sophomores


 Block A

             10:00-12:00                  Block B
             1:00-3:00                    Block C
             2:00- 4:00                   Block D
             anytime from 9-12 & 1-5      Block E
***NOv. 9 start of classes
VENUE: Sarmiento Room- Rm 127
              STEP 1.  Get Form 5A  and LSG survey (as per LSG, they need feedback re their services last sem,pls ans  ha!=) ) 

           STEP 2.   Check if You want to Enlist in more classes or cancel enlisted classes if :

 YES (real time enlistment):

1. Submit enlistment request through the CRS for the daily batch runs on

Nov. 5–9, 2007 (see schedule based on student no. and status)

2. Enlist in real-time at the department/unit offering the desired class

through the electronic Teacher’s Prerogative on Nov. 12–16, 2007 if

your enlistment requests during the daily batch runs were not granted.

3. Cancellation of classes should be done online through the CRS.

Then follow steps 3 to 7.

NO: proceed with steps 3 to 7.



Fill out Form 5;Have your Form 5A &Form 5 signed by your adviser.

STEP 4: Have your Form 5A & Form 5 electronically validated

by the Checker.

STEP 5: Have your Form 5 signed by the Library Staff. + pay LSG fees & submit the completed survey

STEP 6: assessment


Please help spread this information. Thanx!


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