hot feet

as my sorority batchmate, val, and i sat down during reg to catch up a little this morning, she asked me a question about the next big thing to happen in my life,  “don’t you have cold feet?”  i paused for a while to think once more of the changes that would be happening in my life (nagkaka-cold feet nga ba ako?), then replied, “nah, di naman.”

well, that’s pretty much an understatement.  truth is, just as any bride-to-be may get, i’m pretty ecstatic.  (even though it may not be evident to all due to the hustle of activity around me, and even though i don’t really blog that much about my sentiments regarding this milestone in my life)  yesterday, mike and i met with our pastor for an intro to some pre-marriage counselling sessions.  pastor vj oriented us of his three-session module:  the practical perspective, the biblical perspective and the role of a christian married couple in society.  our first official session will be this coming saturday evening.  and i’m quite excited about it.  🙂

this afternoon, when i was opening a time deposit account in BDO and affixing my signature to the forms, it dawned on me that soon, i’ll be changing the signature (na kinopya ko lang sa mommy ko coz we have the same initials…hehe)  that i’ve been so accustomed to for the past X number of years.  so hayun, i practiced a new signature kanina.  (dapat pala gumawa rin ako ng bagong digital signature for my transactions)

aside from a new signature, i’ll be having a new surname, a new civil status and a new address (which will be requiring a huge adjustment on my part because fairview is much farther from UP compared to philcoa and i’m sooooo not a morning person), among other things that is (including learning how to be domesticated?  mike knows am not domesticated at all, but it won’t hurt to learn domestic skills).  so am i ready?  hmmmm…i would like to believe i am (we are).  after all, throughout the duration of a relationship, a couple should already be getting ready for marriage.  anyway, we’re not planning to have kids till after my bar exams in 2009.  my married friends say, that the relationship of a young married couple is  pretty much like that of boyfriend and girlfriend.  it’s really a baby which changes the dynamics of a couple’s relationship.

i have a little more than a month more to go (before our civil ceremony…and a couple more months before the church ceremony).  till then, sana mabigyan ako ng magandang bridal shower (kahit sometime na before the church wedding).  hehehe.


4 thoughts on “hot feet

    • lobit says:

      i used to do that nung elementary! haha. but when i grew older, kinabahan ako to do that. probably because i didn’t really want to end up with them? or because marriage was just so far from my mind. i dunno 🙂 ngayon lang ulit ako nagprpractice. haha.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I confirm

    “. my married friends say, that the relationship of a young married couple is pretty much like that of boyfriend and girlfriend. it’s really a baby which changes the dynamics of a couple’s relationship.”

    I confirm. Its difficult to have a baby and take the Bar Exams at the same time.



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