keeping house

it’s been almost a week (a week by tomorrow, actually) since mike and i tied the knot.  the wedding, is after all, just the beginning of a couple’s life together – it definitely is NOT the end.

to start off our life together, mike and i , for the past 6 days (aside from a brief honeymoon  that will be continued in boracay this summer – special thanks to sir harry & his wife a.k.a. ninong & ninang..hehe), have been making baby steps towards keeping house.  (we live in the top floor of mike’s house and we want to have sana a house within a house).

thus far, we’ve bought:

1.  a wifi router! –  we got a linksys 300N and we now have wifi all over the house!  (a tech-y newly-wed’s dream come true.  hehe)

2.  our dream couch – we bought a dark brown leather couch from home today and some rust orange throw pillows to match    the couch will be delivered to our house on the 26th.  😉

3.  a 3-step laddeer – am going to use this for the mini-library that is being constructed in the house right now.  the mini-library will house my dad’s incomplete SCRA collection (hindi updated eh, hanggang 100+ lang…ako na lang mag-u-update in the distant future siguro) and my law & business books

4.  a steam brush – flat irons are now outdated.  yesterday, mike & i had a funny, petty argument about whether or not we were going to buy an ironing board to complement the flat iron that we got as a gift.  we ended up following what he wanted (yes, yes, in line with my wedding vow that i will submit to my husband) – we didn’t buy the ironing board.  instead, we bought the steam brush.  nakaka-aliw sya.  one of these days, i’ll do a demo.  hahahaha.

5.  trash cans – we noticed kasi na wala kaming mga basurahan dito sa house.  so, we bought 2, one for mike & one for me.  so ang dami naming trash cans dito sa “penthouse” ngayon.  sabi nga ng kuya ni mike, para raw kaming MMDA.

we’ve finished transferring and unpacking my stuff.  with some help from the household help & my cleaning lady, i managed to arrange them temporarily as well.  the first night that my stuff got transferred from my grandma’s (may she rest in peace) apartment, grabe, wala halos malakaran dito sa dami ng mga stuff ko (books, clothes, accessories, appliances).  kaya naman, the following day, inayos talaga namin.  we’re still not yet done… (di pa na-tr-transfer yung books and SCRAs sa mini-library (coz it still has to be painted) and my study table still has to be transferred here)…but we’ll get there soon.  🙂

today, we’ve already chosen our pictures for our wedding album, and chosen the songs for the wedding videos too.

kanina naman, nagpagawa kami ng tithe & pledge card in church.  from the amounts that we received in our wedding, we tithed 10%.  mike & i want to get off on the right foot financially speaking, the biblical way kasi.

on wednesday, we’ll open our joint bank account.  aside from that, some things that still need to be accomplished naman are:

1.  buy a butterfly table – to serve as our occassional dining table.
2.  buy a shelf for mike’s computer peripherals na sobrang dami.  of course, we still need to arrange the peripherals.
3.  buy paint for the mini-library and we also plan to repaint some parts of our “penthouse” (that’ll be fun!)
4.  buy the patungan ng ref thingie
5.  buy a shelf for our microwave, turbo-broiler, rice-cooker & other stuff (na hindi mukhang kusina)
6.  buy extension cords (so we could use the other tv & dvd as well as my desktop na rin)
7.  rearrange the clothes lines na andito sa house
8.  figure out how to beautify our verandas

naku, masaya, super-saya maging newly-wed!  masaya mag-prepare for one’s wedding, masaya habang kinakasal.  pero mas masaya ang bagong kasal.  masaya to have someone to talk with, share everything with & pray with before going to bed (and i must say, i’m really blessed to have an open-minded husband).  masaya to have a new family.    tsaka masaya rin kasi mag-bahay-bahayan.  hehehe.  (i remember, i always enjoyed that game as a kid…i was an only child for 8.5 yrs and i played alone most of the i’m no longer playing the game of bahay-bahayan by myself ).  kaya naman, to couples who are of age, who are ready and who are serious with each other din naman, i highly recommend getting married! 😉

Godwilling, sana ganito kami kasaya palagi (or at least most of the time…inspite & despite whatever difficulties that may come).  for sure, by God’s grace, we’ll work hard for that.

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