8 resolutions for ’08

over the past three days, some things have struck me, which prompted me to think of things which i’d want to change…habits i’d like to alter…and even thought patterns that should be replaced.  so having thought of such, here goes my list of resolutions for the new year (The second person = you I’m referring to here is myself):

1.  Focus on doing the right thing.  Just as long as according to God’s standards you aren’t making a mistake, you’re not hurting anyone, hold your head up high.  Remember, always be the bigger person.  Act maturely – regardless of whether or not the other party does.

2.  Forgive.  Especially the little offenses, they are not worth holding on to.  Do not dwell on them.  If the other party chooses to make mountains out of molehills or to dwell on the uber-minor details, then that’s not your problem anymore – that’s theirs. 

3.  Streamline!  Simplify your life.  Know your priorities.  Priority-setting would help.  Remember, you can’t say yes to everything.  Do NOT stretch yourselftoo thinly. 

4.  Give credit where credit is due.  Acknowledge people who have done a great jobs.  Be sensitive to their needs.  Be a more thoughtful person.

5.  Strengthen your support system.  Remember, you are not super woman.  Neither are you alone in this world.  You draw your strength from God.  Keep close to Him.  Stay in touch with your family more frequently. 

6.  Study harder.  Study more.  (Allot less time for procrastination = online social sites)

7.  Exercise!

8.  Continue with Carpe Diem!

more resolutions will probably be added to this list as we go along.  but for now, maganda kasi yung 8 for ’08.  (just as i wrote my 7 in ’07 yday. hehe). 

p.s.  notice that nothing in my list of resolutions tells me to lessen my junk food intake.  bwahahaha.  i do not have vices, but i’m addicted to junk food.  am not yet ready to lessen my junk food intake just yet.  hahahahaha.

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