wanted: career counselling for me

for a couple of weeks now, i’ve been thinking about the next steps that i ought to take given my circumstances and needs:
1.  the need to save P200K for my bar exam in 2009
2.  the need for health care
3.  the realization that if mike & i were to have a kid one of these days, we ought to prepare financially for the event, don’t we?
4.  next schoolyear will be my final year in law school.  though i only have 16 units (including OLA) to finish, i want to experience OLA to the fullest and really prepare myself for the bar by taking my review electives (& advanced review – kung kaya) seriously. 
5.  right now, both ends are being met (thank God!) but there are financial obligations that have to be met & i wanna help my husband meet ’em

taking the aforesaid into consideration, i’ve been thinking about saying goodbye to my days as a racketeer / freelance research assistant, and applying for full-time jobs to meet these needs.  though i’m excited to take on a new job (to coincide with the end of my lsg prexy term. glad i’ll be turning the role over soon…may the best man win!  twas fun while it lasted but i have to face real life now), i have the following concerns/issues:

1.  my disjoint career path – i am a licensed accountant naman.  yes, i graduated with honors in college, was even president of an accounting org and gained some recognition as an outstanding accounting student / jpian (whatever), BUT my insecurity lies in the fact that i never really worked for an auditing firm. 

because my accounting profs didn’t exactly make accounting fun and because the entry level salaries in auditing firms were incomparable to the starting pay offered by the multinationals who tempted us to join them, i told myself that i would not join an auditing firm.  i joined the sales department of a multinational instead.  the pay & accompanying perks (of course the people & company culture) made me happy, but not for long.  though i was really happy in my stay there, i realize now, that i now have a different core competency because of it.  waaah.  i know if i applied for a sales position now, it would be lucrative for me.  butI DO NOT WANT TO DABBLE IN SALES ANYMORE.  even though i may have a fit with it.

my other jobs that followed were: a part-time finance role in a start-up joint venture between a local firm and a british company (in fairness, i managed the budgeted vs actual financials of the company, i audited the external accountant, and created the supply chain / provisioning processes & internal control procedures). 

then came part-time (and simultaneous) stints as a research assistant – both legal and non-legal. (sa law center – IILS and under sir danicon, sa IDEA, yung technocracy.  lesson learned.  ayoko na nang sabay-sabay.  i don’t wanna spread myself too thinly na).  i’ve also experienced speaking in an “accounting for non-accountants” training.

i don’t know which path to choose, which field to apply to.  masyadong disjoint and diverse ang mga pinagagagawa ko.  😦

sana naman ang makuha kong job, related na sa future career path ko (teka, ano nga ba yon? –>  ayoko mag-lit.  medyo gusto ko mag-tax law – kahit na di naman talaga ako ganun ka-galing for that.  or international business law.  or kahit ano mang field of law/business na may connect at pwede akong magkaroon ng niche.  ano naman kaya yon?)

translation:  i am a jack of many trades – managerial accounting, internal audit, supply chain (to a certain extent), sales (grrr, unfortunately, ito ang pinaka-expertise ko), marketing, HR petiks, legal research, project management, training.  i don’t know if i am a master of any one of them.  (bad & sad.)

2.  convenience – i’m afraid to land in a job that would be too demanding for law school.  law school remains to be the top priority (next to my spiritual and family life).  baka mamaya, okay ang pay, di naman ako makaaral or di ko naman ma-take ang daily commute.  (kaya sana 7am-4pm ang work hours at sa ortigas / libis / commonwealth area ang office — or better work at home! – naku, wishful thinking na ito)

3.  lucrativeness – syempre, gusto ko nga makaipon for the bar.  so sana, minimum P30K net  ang salary ng maging trabaho ko.  (bonus:  sana rin, bigyan ako ng opportunity nung employer to be a CFA or CMA – parang mas type ko ‘ata ang CMA kasi managerial accounting naman ang ginawa ko sa M2Cash.  kung pwede, gusto ko sana mag-review at magtake ng CFA &/or CMA certification after the bar)

i’ve sent my resume na to 4 institutions.  wala pa reply at kinakabahan ako.  am afraid that they might take my being a law student against me.  kung ako nga naman employer, iisipin ko, “eh bakit ko pa tatanggapin ito eh malamang, 1 yr lang yan mag-stay dahil mag-b-bar na rin yan sa isang taon.”  waaaah.

i don’t fully know what to do.  i wish someone / some people would just say, “sige, mag-aral ka na lang next year, sagot ko na ang panggastos mo sa bar.”  (again, wishful thinking – kaya nga wish eh.  hahaha).  or someone would tell me na, “may opening sa company namin, pwede ka dun, even given all of your considerations” (at may fit nga ang job)

guys, pls pray for me.  and if anyone could give me advice, please do. 


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