What Now?

We have either watched on tv / listened to the radio / read the papers about the most recent and by far the most shocking of all the issues faced by the Administration. 

We have come out with statements (from the LSG EB c/o the LSG Public Affairs Committee and from the Law Student Government Coordinating Council), expressing our support for Jun Lozada, the ZTE Star Witness, and our indignation and outrage of the brazen, shameless acts of government.  These statements have been shared with Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano and Jun Lozada, himself. 

Some of us may have attended the CIDS Forum on the ZTE issue, last Tuesday, as well. 

We are one with you in anger and frustration over these goings-on.  Likewise, we invite you to be one with us in the following series of activities in response to this burning issue:

  • Law Student Government Coordinating Council Statement Signing & Press Con
(2pm, Thursday, Feb 14 @ the Sarmiento Room)

We will be hosting this event tomorrow.  Contingents from Ateneo, UST, FEU & MLQU Schools of Law will be coming for this.  Please come to the event in your UP Law shirts and/or jackets/hoodies, especially because we are inviting some media people.   

  •  “What Now?” Freedom Wall – to be posted tomorrow.  Your thoughts / insights are most welcome, especially your suggestions on what we can do as One UP Law.  Do write on the Freedom wall.
  • UP Law Contingent to the Protest Action in MakatiFriday (assembly time in UP Law is at 2pm) – Wear red/black (even if you’re not joining the rally, show your dissent to the admin’s acts by wearing red/black).  Sir Harry will be joining the UP law contingent.   Let’s respond to the call for this peaceful protest action by the Concerned Citizens Movement.  For more details, you may contact Pau Duman (09175050590)  / Mike Ocampo (09173328361). 
  • Mass for Jun Lozada – We are personally invited by Bro. Dodo of La Salle to attend mass for / with Jun Lozada and his family on Sunday, 10am at La Salle Greenhills
  • Study the ZTE documents – In case you would want to take a look at the ZTE documents for yourselves, we’re leaving a copy with Ate Con.  There’s an ongoing CIDS study about this.  Results to be released soon. 

These activities are optional.  Nonetheless, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to get involved. 


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