Real People Power: a crazy idea which just might work

i have a crazy idea.  but it just might work.  and kanina, while texting with a friend, i just learned that conrado de quiros wrote about it na rin way before. (so, great minds think alike!  hehehehe)  with all the issues coming out, now might be an opportune time to pull this off. 

the idea goes like this.

what if everyone na ayaw na kay GMA paralyzes society by not doing anything kasabay ng isang call for her & her cohorts to step down? 

imagine, employees not going to work.  corporations ceasing to manufacture products.  banks ceasing to operate.  dapat ma-paralyze ang entire philippine society till she gets off from that seat that she is glued to.  why not ganun yung gawing call?  hindi na rallies / demonstrations.  i personally think that there has to be a more sophisticated way to skin this cat. 

i believe may silent majority na ayaw lang magsalita, takot sumali sa mga rallies or who think na hindi effective ang pag-r-rally yon.  the paralization-of-society idea just might work.  (it’s crazy but it just might work if everyone cooperates – dapat all sectors).  after all, we can’t be compelled to work, etc.  that would be tantamount to involuntary servitude which is constitutionally prohibited. 

dyan, kelangan ng tulong from business groups most especially.  sila ang magiging susi sa initiative na yan.  wag muna isipin ang opportunity loss – eh if all businesses stop operations, no  one may gain from another’s temporary cessation of business. 

OFWs are likewise key.  wag muna sila magpadala ng remittances. 

mag-transport strike.  wag pumasok mga govt and private sector employees. 

(sorry, but kelangan, gumana ang skeleton force sa media.  hahaha.  sorry, media people…to cover everything, syempre)

tignan lang natin kung hindi ma-paralyze ang society.  mawawala ang lahat ng pinagyayabang na economic improvements, job opportunities creation ng gobyernong ito.  tutal, that’s what they’re holding to naman eh. 

tingin ko, rather than marching in the streets, that would be the true people power.  coz even though gma is the figure head, in truth, we, the filipino people make this nation work.  without us, she’d be paralyzed. 


4 thoughts on “Real People Power: a crazy idea which just might work

  1. jazz_stiletto says:

    suggestion ko show of solidarity. if you’re against GMA (not the government naman per se) wear black every monday. then we show the world kung gano karami talaga ang ayaw sa kanya.

    o kaya a standstill campaign. no one will do or say anything for like a good 5 minutes. then we show her na people in the offices are not moving, cars not moving. no one walking. everyone silent. parang everyone will stop talaga. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • lobit says:

      calling me names eh?

      hello, hope you could identify yourself next time. so i could call you by your real name and not by any other. i believe every person one attempts to communicate with ought to be addressed by his/her own name. i would want to accord you this respect that you are not showing me. thank you and whoever you are, whatever it is i may have done to you, may God bless you!


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