kapoy na…but at least, hapit na mahuman.  (so sorry to visayan friends, super hilaw ng pagka-bisaya ko). 

imbes na mag-rant about how tired i am, i will be focusing on things that make the tiring things worthwhile.  (medyo steam of consciousness din ito)

1.  am so glad that the sem will be over soon.  and am really glad na wala kaming ADR finals.  yey!  sana, sana, sana pati tax wala rin. 

2.  am so glad that in 1 wk’s time, mag-t-turn over na kami sa LSG!  yey!  despite an exciting yet tiring issue-and-activity packed year, i had fun and a whole lot of fulfillment.  am sure my co-EBs feel the same way too.  and am glad coz we will be turning over the reins to a new set of competent LSG officers.  with them at the helm, for sure the student body will be in good hands.   i know i wasn’t a perfect LSG president, nor were we a perfect batch of LSG Executive Board…some may have complaints as to the way we handled things.  but we did try our best in everything we did.  special thanks to the volunteers din.  kaya punta kayo sa LSG turn-over tentatively scheduled this monday, ha?  more ka-sentihan there.  hehehe.

3.  am so glad that i was able to have a restful weekend and some quality time with my husband, and an hour of bonding with my mom.  the past 3 weeks have been really hectic for me.  there were lots of obligations / commitments that i wasn’t able to foresee, but had to step up for.  although nakakatuwang isipin na may mga ginagawa akong relevant para sa bansa, para sa maraming tao, nakakapagod din.  kaya naman, kahapon, bumigay na talaga body ko sa fatigue.  di ako makabangon yesterday, di nakapasok sa tax.  i cancelled the speaking stint sa international women’s day rally rin so i could rest.  i slept and prayed during the moments that i was awake to recharge.  and successful naman ang rest period.  i feel somewhat recharged now.  nakapag-portia ball na rin ako kagabi (although, mike& i went home pretty early, after the picture-taking sessions.  i just couldn’t resist witnessing LP jill’s turn-over to LP cams, two very good friends in the sorority), nakapag-church kanina and afterwards, did some grocery shopping, cleaned up a little, iginawa ng sandwich ang asawa ko (wifey duties naman.  hehe).  happy ako this weekend. am praying that i have strength for the last few weeks of the sem ahead. 


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