Death of a Vision

Reposting this from Nanci’s blog.  (Nanci is one of my BAA batchmates & is also a former Navs orgmate)

God of the Unexpected

By Daphne Crause

Psalm 37:5 – Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.

One of the most confusing things that you can face as a Christian is when the Lord seems to be leading you in a certain direction, but things seem to go amiss straight afterwards. Have you missed it? Did you actually not hear from the Lord?

I don’t think so. We’ve learnt from much experience in this matter that there is always a waiting period between when the Lord warns you of a new plan up ahead and the actual manifestation of it. There is usually a death of the vision first. Expect it! You get excited, you want to run ahead and you feel like you can conquer the world for the Lord, and then suddenly it dies with no apparent explanation. No matter what you try to do to make it work it refuses to come right.

Are you confused? It is understandable, but don’t let it get you down. If the Lord has directed you it will surely come to pass, and He will resurrect the vision. John 12:24 talks about a grain of wheat falling to the ground and dying otherwise it remains alone. But if it is allowed to die, it produces much fruit.

What is actually happening while your vision is lying apparently dormant in the ground, is that the Lord is working behind the scenes to make it into something more magnificent than the original vision. When a plant first begins to grow nobody sees what is happening under the ground, but there is a tremendous amount of activity taking place. When it appears above the ground all the preparation work has been done – roots have formed, the stem has formed, and the leaf buds are ready to appear. Then all that needs to be done is for it to grow.

So, while your vision is lying there inactive, let the Lord do His background work in your spirit. All you need to do is trust the Lord to lead you in the way He wants to and not try to work it out on your own. There is such a temptation to do this, but the Lord delights in surprising us with His way. I remember that when the Lord told us we would go overseas, we thought a business venture was going to make us enough money to do it. We threw ourselves into a computer business, and after a short while everything died. Talk about being perplexed!

However, it was a few months later when the Lord miraculously moved His hand and we were blessed to be brought out without having to provide a cent on our own! If we look back on it now it was truly amazing the way the Lord worked it. All we did was to keep our eyes on the vision of going overseas even when it seemed to be totally incapable of occurring, and let Him lead us in His way and in His timing.

So, if you sense a change coming in your ministry or personal situation, keep that vision and keep your eyes on the end goal, but let the Lord lead you a step at a time in His way without trying to figure it out for yourself. God is a God of the unexpected, and He loves to give you unexpected surprises. He’ll never let you down and will always bless you as you keep your eyes on Him and His plan for you. And He will always bring His plan to pass!


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