Congratulations to UP Law’s Centennial Dean! ;)

kanina ko pa gustong mag-blog about this (but the internet connection in the office broke down), the moment i got his text message saying, “I made it.”

i replied, “sir, kmusta? what do u mean po? are u our new dean? 🙂 ” (may pagka-dense pa ako ano?  i remember having a recent conversation with him after last tuesday’s exam kasi)

he texted back, “yes, many thanks to you”

i replied, “wow! so happy to learn abt that good news! 🙂 congrats po, dean! 🙂 “

indeed, am really happy.  he truly deserves this – merits wise, especially.  am pretty confident that his vision for the college will be realized.  i know that he’ll be serious about reforming the academic curriculum in UP law, in having a sound & just admissions process and in ensuring that we aim for & reach the 100% passing by the college’s centennial year. 

so to you, Sir…errr…Dean Marvic Leonen, congratulations!  😉 


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