lessons learned the hard way

i shall not expound on the sensitive factual circumstances behind these learnings.  but over the past couple of days, i’ve experienced getting caught in a tug-of-war between self-interest and that of the greater good.  given the short span of time that i had to decide, as time was of the essence (and such an element is normally involved in difficult situations), i chose to sacrifice my own interests for that of the greater good.  in my eyes, based on my limited judgment, i made no mistake.  as i made the seemingly miniscule choice, i failed to see the further damage it could bring me if other relate parties make blunders along the way.  still, the consequences of such blunders, unforseen as the blunders may be, take their toll on me.  inasmuch as i want to get away from the entire brouhaha, i can’t.  by force of circumstance, i have been dragged into a seemingly complete mess and by my own efforts, can’t get out – no matter how i try or would want to. 

i can no longer change things nor cry over spilled milk.  thus, the key here is how i ought to look ahead by gathering and remembering the lessons learned along the way.  hence these learnings which i shall enumerate (as ym’d to a good friend of mine):

1.  i shall hold on to the belief that God is in control.  wala na akong magagawa at this point.  but Sya meron
2.  di talaga dapat mag-lean on our own understanding…but dapat we should trust in Him with all of our hearts.
3.  He listens and He could soften even the hardest of hearts and calm seemingly raging storms. 
4.  and if he brought you to it, he’ll bring you through it

these learnings are things which we may already know.  they are promises (God’s promises), as well that we ought to claim in our daily lives.  yet they don’t seem to be applied in our lives – even during those times when we need to remember and apply them the most. sometimes, when put in compromising situations, we tend to get anxious and confused.  remembering these learnings, however, would probably minimize such anxious and confused times. 

with this blog entry, i shall cease to worry about this matter.  i let go and let God, who should and would rightly handle the ongoings with utmost care. 

lastly, i shall quote the following words from the friend i was chatting with: “the difference between “involvement” and “commitment” is seen from an egg-and-ham breakfast. the chicken was involved, the pig was committed.”

’nuff said. 


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