another day in the life of this struggling (evening) law student

it’s 9:30 am.  unti na lang, we’ll be meeting na.  anyway, as we’re waiting for the rest of the team, multiply muna (while doing meeting preps). 

here’s my sked for today:

8am – leave house (hitch ride w/ hubby coz coding si war car [my well-known VW beetle] today)

8:30-9:30 – research & prepare for the team meeting re: chapters 1-5 of the regulations that we’re drafting for bureau of customs [singit: pagbabasa ng online devotionals for some quiet time & pag-m-multiply.  bakit ba, nakakatulong din ito for me to plan my day ahead]

9:30-2 max?  – loooong meeting which will probably include lunch (na libre…hahaha.  one of the reasons why i like my job.  i really, really like this job.  mababait mga tao, and i learn a lot from the more senior members of our consultancy team.  our system of work is very efficient.  [and i love efficiency.  hahaha.  and purposeful activities too]  and i love the type of job that i’m doing here [drafting legislation, research tapos may tangible impact sa country ang ginagawa ko]  sana masundan pa ng iba pang consultancy rakets coz our contract with US AID is till july lang.  sad).  pag maagang umalis ang mga boss, i could leave.  yehey!  (at malamang maaga nga coz coding din today si dr. alano.  hehehe)

3:30pm – ETA: Manila MTC to research and verify the claim of a client who’s not giving me straight answers (super kulit ng kliyenteng ito.  nakipag-away pa sa akin sa OLA yesterday.  dahil tahimik ang buong paligid, dinig na dinig kami ng lahat.  grabe, after an hour and a half of trying to extract info from her and conflicting answers, i just got so exasperated.  [it seems i’m not as patient as i thought i was])

5pm – ETA: QC (naku, dead time.  darn it.  i should have brought along the subscription shares that i need to reconcile for danicon…aha, i know what i’ll do now, i’ll just revise some of the letters for archival that i did yesterday (and last weekend) based on my conversations with clients or the fact that i couldn’t reach them anymore because they changed numbers.

7pm – meeting of this start-up group.  a start up youth party list invited me to be a part of them.  naka-work ko na naman before sa campaign team ni koko pimentel ang mga kasama ko.  okay naman silang mga tao (py [former lsg vp] introduced me to them).  sana nga okay ito.  pero dagdag trabaho na naman.  argh.

9pm – i asked my hubby to fetch me sometime between 8:30-9pm later. sana i’d be home by 9-9:30pm.  (grabe super unti ng quality time with my husband.  buti na lang he’s uber-supportive and he understands.  sobrang laking blessing.  kagabi, when i got home around 10pm from a team marlon meeting, sinalubong ako ni mike with our dog rufus…medyo nakakawala ng pagod.  hehe)

9:30pm – work on stuff for danicon (yung stock recon’s).  i need to finish them within the week.  kakahiya na.  nagpa-extend na ako ng deadline.  [in fairness, i told ate elsa, di ko muna kukunin ang salary ko hangga’t di ko natatapos ang output para naman fair].  i also to do some OLA work need to email the confi memo’s and alter my “motion”

12midnight – i need to sleep na.  i need at least 5 hrs of sleep every night to be able to think straight.  no less.  i need to wake up at 5am tomorrow so i could be at UP at 6am for a trip to calamba RTC.  (yes, team mates, i’m joining you guys tomorrow!  para naman makita ko rin ang mga UP JES contacts that i spoke with last night.  i told them they could call me “ate lobit”.  naku, close.  hehe)

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