The Character of Gossip

a couple of weeks back, i posted a blog entry relating Bad Faith, a legal concept, to rumours.  that post was admittedly triggered by an incident, which does not bother me anymore (I decided to just submit the matter to the Lord and asked Him to bless the person concerned…not that I am a push-over, but there’s just futility in reliating.  sabi nga, revenge is not ours, it’s God’s.)

thanks to the following devotional entry, which i received in my mailbox yesterday, medyo naalala ko tuloy ang pangyayari.  hehe.  but it’s alright, i’m very much at peace na now. 

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Friday, May 23, 2008 — The Character of GossipRomans 1:28-31 

God hates gossip. He wants our speech to be pleasing to Him. He certainly doesn’t consider idle talk or mean-spirited words pleasant as stated in Colossians 3:8.

Sadly, gossip is practiced so freely that even some believers participate and try to justify their chatter. But hearsay has no place in a Christian’s life. Romans 1 contains one of the Bible’s longest lists of sins. The book’s author, the apostle Paul, is reminding believers that God has revealed Himself to all mankind. Those who reject Him and chase after idols are turned over to their evil worship and the immoral practices that go with serving self.

Gossip appears in the middle of the list. God despises it because malicious talk destroys lives whether the stories are true or false. The person who is targeted by the rumor often loses the respect of those who listen to it. Hurt feelings may not be the only negative effect. A job or relationship could be lost as well.

Those spreading tales also face destructive consequences. People who refuse to control the tongue reveal evil motives or, at the very least, lack of discipline. As a result, believers and unbelievers will often avoid such untrustworthy individuals. For a Christian who spreads rumors, there’s potential for even worse damage, in that such actions can harmfellowship with the Lord. Animosity toward another person and intimacy with God can’t coexist in the same heart.

Gossip achieves no good in anyone’s life, which is why the Lord warns against it. Instead, our words should build up, comfort, and encourage others.

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