refreshed. ;)

just some ramblings…this is a rather boring blog entry. 

nevertheless, am glad to have had a not-so-hectic summer weekend.  πŸ˜‰

yesterday, after finishing my 39 confi memo’s and hearing preps.  syempre di tuloy-tuloy yon, i’d take an occassional break to hug and kiss my husband who was busy fixing the PCs at home. hehe. i also spent some time listening to and helping give comfort to a heartbroken friend.  afrter i finished the OLA stuff,  i treated myself to watching “get karl oh su jong” on dvd, hanggang sa nakatulugan ko na. 

kaso at 3am, mike and i woke up sa mga kahol ni rufus.  scary kasi parang may tinatahulan sya na di naman namin nakikita.  2 consecutive nights nang ganun yon…anyway, antok kami kaya nakatulog din ulit.  tinabi na lang namin si rufus kasi baka nagpapa-cute lang. 

this morning naman, nag-church kami with the family.  na-refresh na naman kami spritually for the week ahead.  πŸ˜‰ 

after church, mike & i dropped by to claim our free pizza sa domino’s…yum!  (grabe, super sulit yung domino’s discount card). we had lunch in the car while talking about our reflections in the church service, and our aspirations for our family.  πŸ˜‰  nice quality time.  πŸ˜€

we then went to sta lucia to meet up with this seller on the internet who sold mike some car wipers.  may mga ok din palang shops sa sta lucia…they had this novelty store and this dollar store, kung saan medyo marami-rami rin kaming nabili ni mike na stuff for ourselves and for the home. 

may maganda rin doong christian bookstore, which sold christian books na hindi masyadong common.  may 2 books on marriage akong nabili, 1 devotional and a book that could help out one live the Christian life better.  i was also able to buy a book, which i plan to give for my heartbroken friend.  πŸ˜‰

from the stores we visited, nagkaroon kami ni mike ng idea…we’ll be starting our own novelty item business.  i-c-conceptualize namin yan.  (more on that in the coming days).  may branding na kaming naisip.

pag dating sa house, i cleaned up a little.  i arranged my minus one tapes while watching my “favorite shows”…hahaha.  (that’s what mike calls them coz i always watch the sunday afternoon showbiz talkshows).  pati si mike, nahawa ko na sa pagiging showbiz talk show buff.  hehehe. 

after showbiz central, nag-videoke akong mag-isa ko…for 2 hours!  hahaha.  (i love my magic sing!)  sabi kasi ni mommy, maganda pa rin kung palagi akong nag-pr-practice para di nawawala.  tsaka para rin pag biglang may occassion, hindi rusty ang voice ko.  sa sobrang ka-busy-han these days, medyo di na ako nakakakanta (pero kung tutuusin, when i was younger, palagi akong nag-pr-practice kahit wala naman talagang kakantahan).  i just love singing.  kung pwede nga lang kumanta lang ng kumanta.  hahaha.  pa’no ko kaya pwedeng pagkakitaan ‘tong pagkanta?  baka naman may kilala kayong manager dyan.  hehehe.  (half-meant joke)

dinner time came.  sarap ng ulam namin…shrimps and pork chop.  may imbento kaming ginawa ni mike.  pinaghalo namin ni mike ang butter, calamansi, a little patis and sili to make our own version of lemon butter sauce.  πŸ˜‰

after dinner, mike gave me a facial.  kakaiba di ba?  anyways, he has this device that he uses.  medyo masakit, but nakakatipid din ako tsaka ok naman ang result. 

all in all, this weekend has been pretty relaxed and happy.  (kasi maaga akong natapos sa mga dapat kong gawin).  kaso, i guess ngayon, tapos na ang aking medyo relaxed weekend.  i need to check my emails now to see if my SL replied to my email and to download some work stuff. 

back to reality na ako.  but i so thank God for a nice weekend.  i pray that mike & i would have a wonderful week ahead.  i hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead too. 


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