the Lord has heard my cry!

what can i say but thank You Lord!  indeed You know the needs of Your children.  You are truly my all-knowing Father.  I thank and praise You because You are truly my refuge and my strength. 

Lord, help me be a pilgrim in this life, as i look forward to spending eternity with You.  it is difficult, but I thank You for all this breaking going on inside of me right now.  for I know now that You are not just my refuge and strength, but You are my wisdom as well.  Indeed, You are my all in all. 

Please continue to guide me Lord.  Do whisper loudly in my ear, lest I be too deaf in this seemingly dark valley.  I know with Your guidance i will see the light soon.  Lord, please reveal to me where You’d want to lead me, what Your plan is for me.  Please enable me to walk in accordance with it.  Oh Lord, truly, alone, i am nothing, i can do nothing; but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  I rest in the thought that it’s not about me, but all about You.  Beyond doing things through You, it’s You who does things through me; I am but Your instrument. 

You alone are God, and I surrender. 


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