of jobs and careers

 i’ve reached that point when i could no longer lament due to "career" choices.  nor do i want to.  i still believe that everything will work out in the end.  

yesterday, i got into a conversation with several batchmates who were offered legal associate posts in the biggest and most prestigious law firms in the country.  good for them, really am happy for everyone.  then one of those people in the conversation said something like this is a bad year to graduate because most law firms are on freeze hire.  i don’t attribute any bad faith to that statement, because it was just probably a statement of fact on the person’s part and was not uttered to make anyone not part of the batch’s top 30 feel bad.  but it got me thinking for a while, which i eventually shrugged off after a minute.  although previously i was admittedly pretty worried about this (my good friends would have already heard about my fears about not having a bright future ahead because i’m not one of those getting invites from law firms) i do not want to worry anymore, especially because it has reached a point where i’ve become somewhat demoralized.  i’ve already surrendered my career plans in God’s hands.  i know that He will just allow me and the perfect job to cross paths.  
then today, i received a call from an executive search head hunter, asking me how i am, what my plans are and telling me that she thinks i’d be perfect for a COO post in a small company belonging to a big group of companies.  she said the company is looking for someone with sales, marketing, finance and admin experience and she instantly thought of me.  but then again, i had to tell her that inasmuch as i was interested, i won’t be available because i need to review for the bar.  she asked if i could work on a part-time basis.  i told her that i couldn’t afford to not have full focus and concentration during the review.  but at least i got a chance to touch base with her and was able to send her my updated (and rearranged) CV.
then, just when i opened my email, i got a letter from another head hunter re: a finance head post.  i haven’t replied yet.  
ano kaya ito?  are these signs kung saan ba ako dapat?  haha.  could be, but…
wala, ayoko muna isipin. right or wrong, ayoko muna mag-isip ng employment stuff talaga as of now.  from now till 3rd wk of march, i’ll focus on graduating and completing requirements. from that point till the end of september, focus on the bar muna.  nothing else.  there’s a time and a place for everything.  come october, i could already afford to have other concerns.  
as for my career concerns, i believe there’s a particular job opening out there that God has designated for me, and one that will take into account my core competencies in areasoutside and within the legal arena, in line with a desired career path / specialization, and most importantly with God’s purpose for my life.  i don’t think i could ever truly be happy or successful if i do something that isn’t in line with His purpose for me, and which wouldn’t glorify Him.  
di pa nga lang nagpapakita sa ngayon.  but bubulaga na lang yon.  for now, i just need to FOCUS on the things that He wants me and i am to do at the moment.  God will open the right doors for me at the right time (and for you as well, dear friend, if you’re also in a similar phase in life).  i continue to draw strength from this verse: And we know that in all thingsGod works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  (Romans 8:28)
also, i would like to thank a lot of you guys for bearing with me, i appreciate the encouragement and prayers.  šŸ™‚

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