Centre of My Life: my Redeemer who Is In Control

In the past couple of days, three songs have made an impact in my life: God is in Control by Twila Paris, Redeemer by Nicole C. Mullen, and Centre of My Life by Hillsong London. Together with Psalm 37 and 104 cf: Isaiah 53, I have been reminded that He is my lifesong, that it is His song that I am singing, not mine. He, the God of all Creation, humbled Himself, withstood the most sorrowful of sorrows to pay for my iniquities. He became victorious, rose to life, and continues to live to this day, and will remain forever the same. Yet He cares for me, a mere mortal, and has cared to initiate a very personal relationship with me (and also with you, dear reader, we all just need to respond to His gentle call).  It, indeed, is so overwhelming. That is why in my life, it is His song that I will continue to sing. In meekness, in accordance with the example that my Lord Jesus set, I will continue to hope in Him. The very same hands who made and still controls creations runs to me when I am weary. In this battle and in those to come, in Him and for Him I claim victory .

1. Centre of my Life

2. Redeemer

3. God is in Control


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