Surviving the Challenge of a Storm

Surviving the Challenge of a Storm


·       When the storms hit your life, when there’s a crisis, it reveals what kind of a human being you are.


3 Kinds of Crises:

1. Crises that we bring on our self

2. Crises that God allows

3. Crises that other people cause


Crises don’t play favorites.

– Christians have problems too. It’s just a matter of how we view them.


Acts 27


When you get impatient, you’re going to run right through a crisis. – 3 reasons:

— Acts 27:10

1. We listen to the wrong experts

Acts 27:12

2. Sometimes we just take a vote

Acts 27:13

3. We rely on circumstances

‘They thought they had obtained what they wanted’

Acts 27:14


In a crisis you typically do 3 things:

1. Drift – why fight? bahala na



2. Discard – we begin to throw away everything. when you’re in a crisis, worst time to make a major decision because you’re in pain and your emotions are all over you.


3. Despair

·       God is in control, He has a plan. He can inject hope even in the most hopeless situations.

·       How are you facing your challenges?

·       Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards.

·       Eyes that look are common. Eyes that see are rare.

·       There are times when God is all you have, and He is more than enough.

·       The weakest and poorest child of God is richer than the richest in this world.

·       We never stop attempting great things for God.

·       Great emergencies and crises show us how great our resources are.

·       Never cry over anything that cannot cry over you.

·       CHARACTER is the only anchor that will overcome a crises.



1. The presence of God. – crises cannot hide the face of God because God is with us.


– our life is out of control, many uncertainties, but God is certain. He is in control.

– do not look for the face of our leaders, but for the face of God

– another path: humility

2. God’s purpose


3. God’s promise – crises cannot destroy the child of God because of His promise.

 – are you a child of God?


They experienced poor harvest, without the harsh north winds, there is no pollination and no crop.

Lord, I trust you.


Nehemiah 2

Service is not doing things for God, but God doing His purpose for our lives.

2 Tim 2:3-5

God is sovereign, His hand is on our lives and on the nations. Keep on attempting great things and expecting great things from God. Rise above the storms because God is ushering in a new era.


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