kamusta naman ang bar?

a good friend of mine asked me how i found the bar experience and what my plans are after the bar, and i bet a lot would also be asking me that.  here’s what i told her, as well as some other friends asking about the same thing.  (pinagtagpi-tagpi ko lang to create a blog entry):

i found the bar experience draining! haha. but everyday, God gave new strength to meet the challenge at hand. over all, despite the inherent difficulties, it was fun din naman, twas fun learning a lot of new things about the law, about faith, about God, about myself and my response to adversity. and so ends a season in life, another one begins. waiting ain’t easy especially for an impatient person such as me. but patience is one of those virtues i need to learn and i know i need to wait gracefully for the verdict, whatever it may be. i’m realizing that God hadbeen so faithful to me as I reviewed. His faithfulness is a constant, and doesn’t end there. it’s not even affected by the results; but the results will just be a testament to His greatness, mercy and wisdom. 

honestly, if i focus on the questions i felt (and know) i answered the wrong way (parang sa lahat ng subjects, may na-p-pinpoint akong mga argggh answers! sa ethics, malabo yung exam, tipong di yon ang inaral ko…basta sagot na lang nang sagot), and on the fact that i had fever nung 1st sunday (horrid, horrible feeling!!!), it wouldn’t paint a hopeful picture. but sabi nga, live by faith, not by sight. and so i choose to live by faith. inspite of the jitters, ultimately, I’m counting on Him. 🙂

i’m starting to feel it but i refuse to listen to the voice of worry; instead i’ll listen to His voice of truth, telling me a different story, telling me not to be afraid for He is with me..."Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland." (Isaiah 43:18-19)

for now, i plan to rest! at least for the rest of the month of october. although gusto ko rin sana may light job, para lang kumita, and push through ko yung meetings ko with A* and B** (the competitors…sila lang naman in-apply-an ko). probably later this week or next week na, when i’ve regained sufficient energy to go out and expose myself to the real world. hehehe. siguro november, start na ako mag-work, depending on how the offers go. i still have to make a choice. at least tapos na yung interview phase so that’s also a load off my shoulders na.

the bar season is over, and the season of waiting is now starting. there’s a new challenge, and new lessons to learn along the way. and so the waiting game begins.  

thank you for your prayers folks!  as we move on from stage to stage in this temporal life, there are new things to pray and work for…all for God’s glory.   🙂


* and ** names of firms, withheld on purpose


2 thoughts on “kamusta naman ang bar?

  1. iamredgoddess says:

    here here!

    as to:
    1. bar is draining
    2. it is the ultimate test of faith
    3. andami ko ring mga aargh what-were-you-thinking?! answers, incl. yung concept ng piercing the corporate veil napasok ko sa Poli. i swear. really.

    here’s to the months of waiting ahead!


  2. lobit says:

    oo nga, back to reality na. as we wait, job hunting naman! may nakita akong job opening as legislative officer. di ko alam kung na-send-an ka. you interested?


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