fleeing from temptation

 when people learn about my marital status for the first time , they often exclaim, "may asawa ka na?!" in a somewhat surprised tone.  at least for the likes of prof. bautista who upon learning that i have a hyphenated surname, wrote, "wow!" as dedication in the book i asked him to autograph and dean riano who said, "may asawa na pala ang batang ito!"  kagulat-gulat ba?  haha.  they probably think i’m too young to be married.  syempre, di nila alam, trenta na pala ako.  hahaha.  

pero etong taong ‘to, alam na married na ako.  let’s just call him, beegee, a guy who i used to flirt with, back during those days when i was still single, and when a major crush remarked na ang playgirl ko daw.  (huh?)  yesterday, on one of the rare times when i exposed my online status in YM, beegee messaged me, first asking how i was doing, simple chit-chat.  of course, being the friendly person that i am, sagot naman ako.  ang sinasagot ko talaga lalo na sa mga tao from my past who ask me that question ay, "i’m enjoying marital bliss."  para di ba, ma-establish na yung fact na yon?  anyway, di ko naman kinakitaan ng anything malicious.  i also engaged him in some friendly chit-chat asking how he was in return.  he said he has a gf, he’s been living with her for 2 yrs now but doesn’t see himself marrying her yet.  

then he asked if i still remember the emails we exchanged before.  i said, "yeah, somewhat, why?"  then he asked me to search for "semantics for OC people" in my YM.  and so i did.  natawa pa nga ako when i saw the email.  he said he meant what he said in that email, then asked what happened to us daw.  i just said, "well, it didn’t work out probably because we were both on the rebound.  but for all it’s worth, i’m glad we’re okay, and that i don’t have any bad memories about you naman…and i think you don’t have bad memories of me rin."  then he asked, "if we hooked up together then, would we be married na by now?"  it started to smell fishy na.  still, i replied, "maybe yes, maybe not."  tapos, he asked if i still had a picture of us.  (huh?)  pero eto na, he asked me to have coffee daw to catch up.  huh?  i mean, we’re okay naman but not friendly friends.  just online friends.  so siguro tama nang mag-catch up sa chat ano?  tsaka may asawa na akong tao.  di na ako dapat ginagambala pa right?  so i said, "no, sorry, i can’t.  my husband’s not the jealous type but i don’t want to do something that i wouldn’t want him doing to me either.  i hope you understand."  he said he does naman daw.  i closed the chat window na.  (which was probably something i should’ve done earlier)

maaaring wala lang yon, maaaring innocent lang.  but regardless, i just don’t want to do anything that would affect my husband negatively in the same way that i wouldn’t want him to do anything that would adversely affect me.  of course, i don’t want him having coffee with an ex – whether an official or unofficial one.  so if i have high standards for my spouse, i also have high standards for myself.  fidelity is something i hold in high regard.  i will not tolerate any form of emotional infidelity – no matter how slight.  not from my husband, nor from me.  


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