still on guarding my post

i was close to getting annoyed with my new job yesterday, especially with how after a week, work tools such as a proper computer and some office supplies are not yet given to new hires such as me. i felt my temper rising as i was subject to a “pingpong” between HR and IT. the thought of p&g processes crossed my mind and i felt somewhat confused. twas a nice company, but i left it because of my long-term goals and perceived calling / purpose, which are…? as in, naisip ko, “sige na nga, mag-general practice na lang kaya ako…sige na, corp or even lit…sige na, sige na…”  (don’t get me wrong.  nothing wrong with those fields of law, i just feel that i’m not for such areas of practice.)  as early as my 2nd week of work, thoughts such as “lipat na lang kaya ako? saan?” danced through my mind for some fleeting moments. when i got home, i told my husband how i felt.

then today, as an answer to my prayers, our director gave me a material that i could read so i won’t be feeling as lost as i do right now. he also said that they’ll be giving a training on customs and international trade – the basics that i need to know to tackle this job and my desired future in this career, even. all the more now more than ever do i need to keep the “vision” in sight. no better way to do that than by staying close to the Lord and lifting up to Him every little thing at work, and big career choices as well. i know He is the one who has put in me an interest for international trade, taxation and customs. someday, the reason will unfold before my eyes (and others’ as well). i pray that then, the Lord will be pleased as He’ll say, “well done, my good and faithful servant, for doing what I have commanded, and now, it is as I have willed.” that would be wonderful! 🙂

yes, i have chosen to guard this post inspite and despite of blahs (and there are a lot!) till the Lord hastens me away from it and towards another step closer to His end in mind.

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